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Milan, 12 February 2020. In the modern world, the online presence for any company is a must – gone are the days when companies’ success did not depend on their website and related activities. However, getting your business to the online world does not happen overnight and it also depends on a number of factors. One of the biggest factors affecting the website’s performance is the quality of the web hosting provider.

The web hosting industry is the always-changing sector, with continuously growing competition and shifting customers’ preferences. Today, we take a look at the inside of one of the web hosting companies, Sysbee.

The CEO of Sysbee, Zvonimir Gembec, told us about how the last months of 2019 went for his company, as well as he shared some of his plans for the near future.

How did the Q4 of 2019 go for Sysbee?

Zvonimir Gembec: “Last quarter of 2019 was quite fun, we were quite active. We started to implement more aggressive marketing and brand recognition. In addition, we started to communicate more professionally regarding our company, our mission, our products, and services.

What’s more, there were a lot of new things that we did not do in the past, and now we are active in regard to these. Things are changing, and we are embracing whatever comes our way.”

Last time we spoke, you mentioned that your marketing activities started to gain momentum. Would you like to share an update in regards to this?

Zvonimir Gembec: “Yes, we were accompanied by one local agency that does marketing for us. The marketing activities took off and we also had additional education regarding sales for our specific services.

Furthermore, we have changed communication on our website and we started to do some case studies. In addition, we started to go and do lectures at conferences. In general, it was a busy period for us, and it was a quarter when we started to concentrate on things more thoroughly and we’ve put a lot of concrete and focused efforts.”

Did you visit any education workshops during the fourth quarter of 2019? Maybe some local or developer conferences?

Zvonimir Gembec: “Yes, we did, as I mentioned earlier, we were focused on education for sales, and also, as of now, we are in process of education for AWS certification, from both business and technical sides.

Regarding conferences, we were at the .debug conference in Zagreb in December, and I also gave a speech at the mDay conference in Belgrade. Now, we are planning to attend FOSDEM in Belgium next week. We also have a pretty big plan for CroCommerce – Ecommerce conference in Zagreb in March.

So, as you see, we take it very seriously when it comes to conferences.”

Tell me about the launch of Magento Enterprise Hosting and a Gitlab managed hosting product. How did it go?

Zvonimir Gembec: “It is still work in progress, but we already launched it as a product and landed the first few customers. Yet, I am still not satisfied with how it is going, and what features it has. I also think it can do much better in terms of sales. So this is one thing that will also evolve in the near future.”

What are the plans of Sysbee for the near future?

Zvonimir Gembec: “Now, after we finished marketing procedures – meaning that we will continue with all activities, but we will not design processes any more and do redesign templates for case studies and so on, we will start with sales more aggressively.

We have started cooperation and partnerships with various partners, web agencies, consulting agencies, and even payment gateway providers for active lead generation and exchange. This is going very well so far, and we have around 10 – 15 meetings per week and it looks very promising.

We already have positive results and receive very promising leads. I expect that financial results will follow very shortly.”