The Internet Platform of the Emerging Digital Economies

We are a group of entrepreneurs and investors helping local tech-pioneers take over the global challenge.





Who We Are

DHH is a publicly traded technology group striving to be the leading investor for the emerging digital economies.

Our approach

Our unique approach is built around the concept of an ecosystem with a common theme in which tech-entrepreneurs can innovate, share best practices, build together and grow as part of the group of like-minded people.

An ecosystem of independent businesses

Each invested company stays independent with its own brand, organization and management team.

We do not push for operational changes nor impose our own strategic decisions on members of the group. Instead, we offer support in different areas like financing, technology, business development, guidance etc.

We are looking for partners, not subordinates

A long-term relationship

Our investment strategy is based on the belief that investing in businesses for the long-term is the only sure way to sustainable returns.

We don’t resell companies, we stay invested forever

Synergies, not integrations

We stimulate bottom-up synergies that come from cooperation between the members of the group. We don’t look for integrations. Our action is designed to encourage entrepreneurs to take initiatives while DHH offers support at the group level.

We don’t ‘grow’ you, we grow together

Our strategy

We founded DHH on the belief that web hosting and cloud computing industries in the emerging digital economies present one of the most attractive opportunities today. Our target industries and geographies are characterized by robust growth rate expected to continue in the future and availability of talent struggling to attract recognition. To capitalize on this opportunity we formulated a strategy that allows us to simultaneously gain expansion, achieve consolidation and foster innovation.


We look to acquire top local web hosting and cloud computing players in its respective markets. Our preference goes to cash generating businesses with predictable growth, significant market share and a dedicated management team.


In markets where we already have a platform company, we are looking for add-on acquisitions with the objective of increasing platform’s market share.


We look for smaller passionate teams with compelling and useful ideas, proven traction, and bold ambition. We prefer minority equity investments in companies with under 500k in turnover and over 50% in annual revenue growth, not strictly but closely related to our existing businesses.

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Information for Shareholders


Ticker: DHH
ISIN Codes 1: IT0005203622 (ordinary shares)
ISIN Codes 2: IT0005203663 (ordinary shares with bonus shares)
ISIN Codes 3: IT0005203689 (warrants)
Market: AIM Italia/MAC
SDIR: eMarket SDIR managed by Spafid Connect S.p.A.


Nomad: EnVent Capital Markets Ltd
Specialist: CFO SIM S.p.A.
Auditor: BDO Italia S.p.A.

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