The cloud computing provider of Southeast Europe

We provide the “virtual infrastructure” to run websites, apps, e-commerces and software as a service solutions to 100.000+ customers across Southeast Europe (the so-called “Adriatic Sea area”), a geographic area where expected growth rates are higher thanks to current lower digital penetration.

DHH is listed on AIM Italia (DHH.MI), a Multilateral Trading Facility regulated by Borsa Italiana and registered as a SME Growth Market.

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Our approach

We developed our company mostly by M&A (12 M&A deals so far). Our unique approach is built around the concept of an ecosystem of independent businesses with a common theme in which tech-entrepreneurs can innovate, share best practices, build together and grow as part of the group of like-minded people.

An ecosystem of independent businesses

Each acquired company stays independent with its own brand, organization and management team. DHH doesn’t push for operational changes nor impose its own strategic decisions on members of the group. Instead, DHH offers support in different areas like financing, technology, business development.

A long-term relationship

DHH’s investment strategy is based on the belief that investing in businesses for the long-term is the only sure way to sustainable returns.

Synergies, not integrations

DHH stimulates bottom-up synergies that come from cooperation between the members of the group. We don’t look for integrations. DHH action is designed to encourage entrepreneurs to take initiatives while offering support at the group level.

Our businesses


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Information for Shareholders


Ticker: DHH
ISIN Codes 1: IT0005203622 (ordinary shares)
ISIN Codes 2: IT0005203689 (warrants)
Market: AIM Italia/MAC
SDIR: eMarket SDIR managed by Spafid Connect S.p.A.


Nomad: EnVent Capital Markets Ltd
Specialist: CFO SIM S.p.A.
Auditor: BDO Italia S.p.A.