— A Digital Growth Success Story

DHH S.p.A. (DHH) is a leading technology group focused on the provisioning of integrated cloud & internet access products to around 124.000 corporate and professional customers in Southern Europe – the so-called “Adriatic Sea area”, i.e., a geographic area where expected growth rates are higher thanks to current lower digital penetration.

In Fiscal Year 2023, DHH has recorded €34,6mn total revenue (ca. 35% 2017-’23 total revenue CAGR) and ca. €11,5mn Adjusted EBITDA (Adjusted EBITDA Margin in excess of 33%). Notably, in 2023 alone the main business units kept growing at double digit rates: IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) +10%, PaaS (Platform as a Service) + 10%, SaaS (Software as a Service) +35% respectively, while internet access was up +58%.


Performance of DHH over the years

Listed on Euronext Growth Milan, an SME Growth Market regulated by Borsa Italiana, DHH commands a market capitalization of about €74mn.

To see a more detailed breakdown of DHH’s companies, group structure, growth strategy, and key financials, please download our investor presentation (PDF).


Ticker: DHH
ISIN: IT0005203622 (ordinary shares)
Market: Euronext Growth Milan (EGM)
SDIR: eMarket SDIR managed by Teleborsa S.r.l


Euronext Growth Advisor: EnVent Italia SIM S.p.A.
Specialist: MIT SIM S.p.A.
Auditor: BDO Italia S.p.A.

— Our Values


We’re passionate about reducing carbon footprints and fostering greener practices.

We actively assist our companies in achieving their sustainability goals and championing environmental stewardship.


DHH aims to be an organization that radiates positive influence across the local communities we inhabit.

We invest in the well-being of these communities, reinforcing our commitment to making a lasting, positive impact.


At DHH, we understand and anticipate the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

Whether adjusting to market fluctuations or responding to supply chain shifts, we’re committed to meeting these challenges head-on with practical solutions.


We’re not just keeping up with the times – but staying ahead of them. DHH prides itself on being at the forefront of clean technology trends.

We are committed to offering sustainable products that don’t compromise on price or quality.

— A Diverse Portfolio of Solutions

DHH, through its network of Group companies, has a broad reach in the IT services sector. Our capabilities span from web hosting to colocation, from cloud computing to direct internet access, providing a diversified offering.

— Cloud Hosting

We offer robust hosting solutions suitable for both small businesses and large corporations. This includes simple CMS deployment and comprehensive programming technologies for websites and applications.

We also deliver professional-grade email services that prioritize security and privacy, complete with effective anti-spam and antivirus protection. Additionally, we facilitate domain registration and maintenance and handle customer migration.


Mister Domain Logo


— Cloud Computing

DHH companies deliver cloud computing solutions that provide the infrastructure for large-scale web applications and efficient data storage/backup. 

Our service offerings encompass IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, allowing organizations to circumvent the need for investment in on-premise infrastructures. Adhering to the strictest security and management standards, our cloud solutions also cater to businesses requiring enhanced computational performance in AI, Machine Learning, and High-Performance Computing.

— Internet Access

In response to the increasing demand for high-capacity, flexible bandwidth connections, DHH has acquired companies specialized in providing network services. These include DIA, VOIP, and L2 Ethernet links to meet diverse communication requirements. 

Our offer features high speed, low latency, and superior connectivity between sites and data centers, all at competitive costs. Our network services leverage direct connections at more than 10 Internet Exchange Points for optimal performance.


Warian Srl


— Data Centers and Global Infrastructure

Our portfolio includes companies that own and operate data centers. This enables us to offer facilities that meet a broad range of customer needs while ensuring rapid, high-quality connections worldwide.

Our data centers, monitored 24/7 and powered by renewable energies, provide the option to colocate servers, with various solutions available. Our connectivity services are designed for efficiency and security. All data centers within the DHH Group adhere to top certifications and standards, including ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 14001, ISO 20000, ISO 9001, and DNSH compliance.

— Join DHH

Do you represent a growing technology company looking for more support, investment, and market exposure? We are on the lookout for ambitious organizations seeking new opportunities.

— Our Team

Tamara Arduini

Tamara brings over two decades of extensive experience in accounting administration and finance, having previously served as the CFO of Seeweb, now a part of the DHH Group. She was also an early director of DHH Spa, contributing significantly during the company's start-up phase in 2015.

Apart from her financial expertise, Tamara possesses a deep understanding of processes for information security holdings, reinforced by her lead auditor certification.

She further honed her leadership skills by attending the premier SDA Bocconi Director's program. Tamara's unique blend of experience and knowledge makes her a valuable asset to the DHH family.

Antonio Baldassarra

With a rich 25-year career spanning Electronics, Telecommunication, and Computer Science, Antonio is the founder and CEO of Seeweb, an industry leader in IT services, cloud computing, and data centers.

Currently, Antonio presides over the Hosters and Registrars Association and serves on the Technical Committee and Board of Directors at Rome Nautilus Mediterranean Exchange (Namex). His past contributions include membership on the ccTLD Steering Committee (CIR) of .IT registry at IIT-CNR in Pisa.

Beyond his executive roles, Antonio champions business creation and growth. He is particularly passionate about nurturing start-ups and budding companies in the internet and cloud computing space through his business angel activities and industrial partnerships.

Matija Jekovec

Matija launched his career in 2003 as a co-founder of the Klaro group, beginning as a developer before transitioning into an R&D managerial role. His technical journey provided him with profound insights into software architecture, development processes such as agile development, test-driven development, continuous integration, and system administration.

When the company pivoted towards hosting and began acquiring competitors, Matija took the reins of operations, playing a pivotal role in establishing the largest hosting group in Slovenia. Holding a degree in Computer Science, Matija maintains an active involvement in Slovenia's developer community, further enriching his industry expertise.

Andrea Arrigo Panato

Andrea Arrigo Panato boasts an extensive career spanning over 25 years in tax and corporate consultancy. His expertise lies in both ordinary and extraordinary business management, focusing particularly on business valuations, extraordinary financial operations, and corporate rehabilitation. He shares his knowledge as a lecturer in the RIAF Master's program at the Ca' Foscari Challenge School and the prestigious postgraduate institution, "Scuola di Alta Formazione", a joint venture between Università Bocconi and the "Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili" of Milan.

As a member of the scientific committee for both the ODCEC Study Center of Milan and "Fondazione Centro Studi", Andrea has authored numerous articles on strategic planning, finance, and business valuations. He has supported a variety of entities in the Italian innovation sector, working with both startups and investors.

Andrea holds credentials as a Certified Public Accountant and Auditor.

Giandomenico Sica
Executive chairman of the Board of directors

Giandomenico (Nico) Sica is a tech entrepreneur and investor currently serving as the Executive President of DHH, a publicly listed tech group specializing in cloud computing and web hosting across Emerging European Markets. Co-founding DHH in 2015, Nico played a critical role in growing the company from a startup to a $30M enterprise with an international footprint in Italy, Italian Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia.

In addition to his role at DHH, Nico has been the Managing Partner of Grafoventures, his holding focused on IT industry SMBs across Southeast Europe, since 2011. His investment activity has led to six successful listings on the Stock Exchange from five investments.

Nico has also imparted his expertise to the next generation of entrepreneurs as an adjunct professor at institutions including Bocconi University, Polytechnic of Milan, and Domus Academy, and as a guest lecturer at several other universities. He holds a cum laude Philosophy degree from the University of Milan, earned in 2003, completing his studies a year ahead of the standard duration.

— Board of Auditors

Umberto Lombardi
President of the Board of Auditors

Born in Frosinone on 27/06/1959, graduated in Business Administration at the University of Roma “La Sapienza” in 1984. Registered in “Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti” in Frosinone, sec. A from 1988 and registered in “Registro dei Revisori Legali”, number 32743, D.M. 85, April 12 1995, published on Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 31-bis, April 21 1995 and resident in Frosinone, Piazzale De Mattheis 41.

Stefano Pizzutelli
Executive Auditor

Born in Frosinone on 10/11/1966, graduated in Business Administration at the University of Roma “La Sapienza” in 1989. Registered in “Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti” in Frosinone, sec. A from 1990 and registered in “Registro dei Revisori Legali”, number 46521, D.M. April 12 1995, published on Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 31-bis, April 21 1995 and resident in Frosinone, Via Adige 41.

Pierluigi Pipolo
Executive Auditor

Born in Villaricca on 24/06/1972, graduated in Business Administration at the Istituto Navale of Naples in 1997. Registered in “Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti” in Naples, sec. A from 2001 and registered in “Registro dei Revisori Legali”, number 121843, D.M. July 27 2001, published on Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 67, August 24 2001 and resident in Milano, Via Borromei 2.

Simona Secchi
Deputy Auditor

Born in Rome on 28/02/1971, graduated in Business Administration at the University of Roma “La Sapienza” in 1997. Enrolled in the Register of Auditors under no. 70440, in accordance with the measure published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic on 23/05/1997 and domiciled in Frosinone (FR) Via Fosse Ardeatine n.8.

Stefania Giorgi
Deputy Auditor

Born in Anagni (Frosinone) on 18/08/1978, graduated in Business Administration at the University of Roma “La Sapienza” in 2005. Enrolled in the Register of Auditors under no. 159382, in accordance with the measure published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic on 18/06/2010 and domiciled in Ferentino (FR) via Alfonso Bartoli n.25.

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