About us

DHH is a tech group that provides the “virtual infrastructure” to run websites, apps, e-commerces and software as a service solutions to 100.000+ customers across Southeast Europe (the so-called “Adriatic Sea area”), a geographic area where expected growth rates are higher thanks to current lower digital penetration.

DHH is listed on AIM Italia, a Multilateral Trading Facility regulated by Borsa Italiana and registered as a SME Growth Market.

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    Core Business and Business model

    The group provides cloud computing solutions as-a-services (mostly SaaS/IaaS), from domain registration to cloud hosting, from cloud servers, housing and colocation to ready IoT solutions, mostly to b2b and professional users.

    Almost all of the above-mentioned services are recurring and supplied with a one-to-many model where contracted customers are charged in advance for their subscription.

    Highly diversified customer base (no dependancy on big clients) and lead generation mostly online (“Covid-19 resilient company”).

    Cloud solutions for entry level users / domain registration and web hosting

    Domain name registration, providing the opportunity to get and register domain names to its customers among those not recorded in the competence register yet. The company offers a multitude of gTLD (generic, as .net, .org, .info) and several ccTLD (country code, as .it, .es,.uk).

    Domain name transfer, allowing clients the possibility to transfer already recorded domains among other providers.

    Shared hosting, which means sharing server space with other websites and individuals. It is extremely cheap, but exposed to the “bad neighbour” effect.

    Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, it always a shared server, however, a VPS is literally split into as many parts as there are users, overcoming in such way the neighbour effect, since a private account is contained within a virtual machine.

    Dedicated hosting, the website is renting the physical machine and not sharing hardware or bandwidth with any other websites, giving to the client maximum control over the server software.

    Cloud solutions professional users / cloud computing

    Cloud Hosting, a fully managed hosting suitable for publishing and e-commerce web portals, characterized by high flexibility and performance, as well as by the “isolation” of the various user interactions to avoid possible interference in terms of performances.

    Easy Cloud Server, is the virtual computing environment where customers can configure cloud instances (tools) on a pay per use mode.

    Cloud Server, offers extremely high reliability and huge scalability mostly thanks to the real-time allocation of resources on redundant virtual servers.

    Foundation Server, is a dedicated server with very high performance, made with the available hardware components, particularly suitable for private cloud infrastructure with Hyper-V.

    Virtual Private Cloud, i.e. private hosted cloud environment. A virtual datacenter control panel is provided to configure all the virtual machines thanks to the use of VMware, managing the available computational resources in real-time. It is ideal for advanced datacenter services to combine the level of isolation of dedicated resources and the flexibility of the cloud.

    Cloud productivity tools and add-ons

    Website creation software, particularly for entry-level users.

    SSL certificates, to ensure that all data passed between web server and browsers remain private and integral.

    Mail service, a safe, user-friendly tool for email management.

    Cloud Appliance, an effective tool for infrastructure safety: higher security, performance and reliability, as well as protection against DDoS attacks.

    Cloud Data Protection, is a data protection service that uses Veeam technology to create backup and disaster recovery solutions.

    Cloud Monitor, a useful tool for monitoring websites, servers, networks and applications.

    Cloud Backup, allows to backup any type of computer (Desktop, Workstation, Server, Virtual Machine).

    Cloud Object Storage, and easy and secure tool to store and archive files and media.

    Cloud Streaming platform, supporting the main definition streaming format.

    Control Panel, to manage properly all the functionalities of your domain and all customers account.