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Milan, 4 September 2019. “66% say website performance influences how they perceive a business, 35% are less likely to buy from a poorly performing website, and 33% create a negative impression of a business with a low-quality website”, states the data published by Finances Online. Speaking differently, the web presence for modern companies is as important as the quality of their services. While the latter is in control of the companies’ own hands, the website performance is also largely dependent on the hosting provider, aside from a multitude of other factors.

Sysbee, a complete cloud solutions company, knows the ins and outs of the importance of website performance like no one else. Zvonimir Gembec, its CEO, told us a bit about his company’s performance in Q2 of 2019 and how it is dealing with the challenges that appear in its way.

How did the second quarter of 2019 go for Sysbee?

Zvonimir Gembec: “The second quarter of 2019 for Sysbee was pretty good. I am very satisfied with how things are progressing. In terms of growth and throughput, I am still as satisfied, but I believe we can do much better. That being said, we now have a benchmark against which we can improve further.”

Sysbee recorded a 49% growth year-on-year in Q2 2019. What prompted this growth, in your opinion?

Zvonimir Gembec: “Sysbee was established in May 2018 and if we look at growth statistics comparing our first few months after establishment (Q2 2018 – where we were ramping up) against Q2 2019, then yes, it statistically shows a lot of growth. That being said, real growth is comparatively smaller in terms of our bottom line.

A lot of effort was put into developing and improving internal processes, maintaining technical debt and adapting our offering for the market in H2 2018 and H1 2019 which has led to growth with the potential of lesser burden moving forward.”

In June, a new sysadmin has joined your team, if I am not mistaken. How are you finding the process of introducing the new team member to your company? Did the addition of a new member improve your workflow? 

Zvonimir Gembec: “Yes, we have added a junior sysadmin to our team and he has already been here for a couple of months now. He was expected to go through a rigorous education/training process to prime him to cope with tasks to come in the future.

As of now, he has started off with small operational tasks and is getting up to speed through our continued mentorship. In the following weeks, we believe he will transition to much bigger tasks. This may seem like a very extensive timeline before the new hire actually adds value to the company.

However, this is a standard process in our industry and a timeframe of between 3-6 months of training and education while getting ramped up is a given. We have learned from our mistakes in the past where we tried to rush this, but the results were not what we expected. This process involves planning and therefore thought needs to be put into when an employee may be needed so that they can be hired in advance. We need to have him/her prepared in time for what’s to come.”

Last time we spoke you told me about the online marketing campaign you were working on. Are you satisfied with the results?

Zvonimir Gembec: “We are not satisfied yet. A lot of challenges came up – from having a hard time identifying an agency to whom we could outsource these marketing actives to, to not having our portfolio ready to complement these marketing activities. That being said, we are using our “downtime” this summer to fine-tune our marketing strategy. Expect to hear some marketing related “news” from us in the months to come.

We have started leveraging the Clutch platform to engage our clients and have had some of them write us comments, which have turned out good. You can see more at

We will continue to work with our valued clients, publish testimonials and success stories, which will be available both online and offline i.e. conferences, brochures, etc.”

During our last talk, you told me that you were almost ready to launch the landing page for the Magento enterprise hosting. Please let me know if there are any updates regarding this product?

Zvonimir Gembec: “We are still in the “almost ready” phase here. We are progressing, but as with any project, we have had a few steps forward and a few steps back. That being said, things are looking positive right now. The new Magento Managed Product is still in the making, but we now already have the first glimpse of it in the staging phase and we hope to have it go live and public before the end of August.” 

What do you have in mind for the upcoming months for Sysbee?

Zvonimir Gembec: “We plan on presenting at a few local web-related conferences and are now working on having the relevant marketing material ready for that.

Furthermore, we are working on our newsletter for customers and partners, which will highlight our progress in terms of what has been accomplished, the projects we have completed and the technologies we have leveraged in the last couple of months. This allows us to stay in touch with our customers and partners and keep them posted with what is relevant and interesting to them.

We will start with 1 newsletter every 3 months which will later increase in frequency to 1 each month.  We are also working on the new edition of our local meetup (sysbeer 2.0), which we expect to host sometime in late September/early October.

From a commercial perspective, we have initiated discussions with a few web agencies and cloud providers within and outside groups to establish partnerships based on revenue sharing or commission-based to build a higher volume pipeline of customers in our sales funnel.”