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Milan, 12 February 2020. As more and more businesses are moving to introduce their brands online, the demand for web hosting services is on the rise. As a matter of fact, web hosting is something that is necessary for every company that has an online presence.

However, while web hosting might seem like an easy-to-setup and run part of business, it requires a lot of work from the web hosting providers’ side. Global web hosting companies are bound to follow the latest advancement and technology in the industry. Otherwise, they are left behind the competition.

Today we spoke with one of the growing web hosting companies in Croatia. The CEO of DHH Croatia, Veljko Drakulić, told us about the way he leads the business, the challenges they face and the plans they have for the upcoming months.

How did Q4 of 2019 go for DHH Croatia?

Veljko Drakulić: “Q4 was very well. Especially in November and December, we reached and exceeded our plans in terms of total bookings in comparison to the same period last year. Also, the total costs were aligned with our expectations, so the final result will be as we planned.

In general, it was a very busy period, we acquired lots of new customers, so the workload was on a higher level, but our professional technicians, sysadmins and customer care agents did a really great job and I am really proud of them.”

Having served as the CEO of DHH Croatia from the Q3 of 2019, what has your experience been like? How do you find the transition into the role?

Veljko Drakulić: “For me, It’s been a real transition – changing the place of living, changing the job, a new role. But I never had any doubts about this change and now, when I look retrospectively this was a great decision and a great experience so far. For a person like me, who is not originally from the IT sector, I had lots of challenges in terms of the IT terminology, but when you have helpful and great colleagues, it is not so big of an obstacle.

Also, I read a lot and listened to audiobooks. The great thing about this job is that I am discovering more and more opportunities every day, this industry has a lot of potential in terms of implementing new products and features and I am really excited about the upcoming years in this technological space.”

During our last interview, you mentioned you were planning to launch some new products. Did you started offering the new solutions as planned?

Veljko Drakulić: “Yes, since the beginning of this year we launched new shared hosting packages on our premium brand “Plus Hosting”. We did an in depth analysis of what our customers expect and what the industry is working on and we did our best to assemble the new packages. Now, instead of five, we have three packages with great features each. Of course, as we expected, our customers reacted really well on this news and our sales figures are as planned so far.”

How did the merge between the HostingIT and Studio4web brand go?

Veljko Drakulić: “Very smooth, this is an easy project which we started at the beginning of December last year and it will finish by the end of this year. All customers are switching to the Studio4web platform as their subscription expires and new customers are re-directed to Studio4Web. Our goal is to make our HostingIt customers happy by offering them a better level of service on the Studio4Web platform. So far everything is going as we planned.”

What do you have in mind for DHH Croatia for the coming months?

Veljko Drakulić: “We will relocate very soon; in next 3-4 weeks we will move to a bigger modern office. At the same time, we are working on our projects. One of them, which will shortly be launched, is new version of knowledge book so the customers will have faster and easier access for answering their questions.

We also continue our marketing efforts through multiple channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, newsletters, different interviews and we also have our external marketing agency that will help us in this area. It is very important to tell our current and future customers about our new packages which is why we will invest a lot in this area.”