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Veljko Drakulić, CEO of DHH doo, has been appointed as a member of EURid Registrar Advisory Board

Milan, 5 November 2021. DHH S.p.A. (“DHH” or the “Company”) (DHH.MI | WDHH21.MI) (ISIN shares IT0005203622), the cloud computing provider of Southeast Europe, announces that Veljko Drakulić, CEO of DHH doo, one of the two Croatian subsidiaries, has been officially appointed as a member of EURid Registrar Advisory Board.

EURid is the registry of the .eu, .ею (Cyrillic script) and .ευ (Greek script) country code top-level domain names by appointment of the European Commission. Since 2005, EURid has been entrusted to provide registry services in all EU languages.

The Registrar Advisory Board advises EURid on business-related issues and on matters relating to the EURid registrar community. The Advisory Board is comprised of representatives from nine EURid accredited registrars from nine different countries and meets twice a year. Registrars are appointed to the board based on a variety of factors, including domain portfolio size and geographical distribution.

It is up to the members:

  • advise the EURid board on issues that might require consultation with the registrar community;
  • consider and bring to the attention of the EURid board any policy or operational issue that might be of future importance or affect the .eu, .ею (Cyrillic script) and .ευ (Greek script) domain space;
  • submit input for long-term strategies;
  • channel the feedback of the larger stakeholder community to EURid;
  • help strengthen relationships with the registrar community;
  • support EURid in its interactions with other stakeholders.

The term of the appointment is three years.