Press Releases

Milan, 5 April 2018. The Board of Directors of DHH S.p.A. (DHH.MI | WDHH21.MI) (ISIN shares IT0005203622 | ISIN warrants IT0005203689), a tech company whose mission is to create the “Internet Platform of the Emerging markets of Europe,” announced that Value Track, the independent financial analysis boutique led by Marco Greco, published an update report on DHH.

Based on the current perimeter of consolidation and the current number of outstanding shares Value Track calculated a €10.2 fair value per share compared to current €7 market price (+45%).

According to Value Track, for those investors that subscribed the IPO back in July 2016 and maintain their shares up to July 2019, a €10.2 exit price would imply a ca. 15% IRR as their carrying value adjusted for bonus shares and fiscal incentive stands at ca. €6.8 per share.

The equity research is available on the website of DHH at the address