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Milan, 21 November 2019. While for the majority of companies worldwide third quarter of the year usually means slower growth and less activity, DHH Slovenia does not follow this trend. Having introduced many products during 2019, DHH Slovenia plans to tap into the international market in 2020.

We spoke with DHH Slovenia’s CEO Tomaž Koštial about recent product launches, current activities at the company, and his ambitious plans for 2020.

How did the Q3 2019 go for the DHH Slovenia?

Tomaž Koštial: “In general, the third quarter was very good – we were very busy. We added several new products to our product lineup. At the moment, we are doing everything to promote these products and to provide the necessary support to the customers. We are also planning to release more new products in the future.

Some of the services are still quite new, so we are writing some blog posts and knowledge base articles right now to introduce them to our clients and to expand the reach. At the same time, we are testing things to see what helps us boost sales and optimize workflow.

We still have a few bugs to take care of when it comes to the managed WordPress part, but otherwise, we are moving ahead. At the moment, we are planning an overhaul of the VPS servers offer.”

In the second quarter, you partnered up with a business portal in Slovenia and were pretty active in terms of marketing activities. Is marketing a priority for the DHH Slovenia in Q3 as well?

Tomaž Koštial: “In the Q3, we were testing what works best – we promoted our products on Facebook, on Google, with the help of case studies and much more. What we’ve found out is that the biggest effect comes from using case studies – actually showing people how to use our services and how can they benefit from that.”

In June, you introduced the hybrid hosting product and your customers loved it. How is the recent feedback regarding this product?

Tomaž Koštial: “Yes, it has been pretty good, like I said – for hybrid hosting product, we are getting excellent feedback. We realized that e-commerce shop owners are benefitting from this product the most, as it allows them to boost the performance and speed of their webshops.

With the upcoming shopping period – Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, e-commerce websites will face a lot of pressure as users will flow to make online purchases. That is where our hybrid hosting comes as a perfect companion. We have a special offer related to Black Friday for webshop owners.”

During our previous conversation, you mentioned that you expected the website for Domenca to go live in September. Could you please update me in regards to this initiative? How about the website for Domovanje?

Tomaž Koštial: “We now are just touching upon some last fixes for the website for Domenca. The content has been entered and the major functionality is already in place. We are also now in the process of optimizing the website with the help of our SEO experts to make sure the website keeps its good positions in Google. I believe we will publish the website by Black Friday.

For Domovanje, we will use a different template, but some of the features that we’ve developed specifically for Domenca will be reused for Domovanje as well. We will start the overhaul for Domovanje at the beginning of 2020.”

Your managed WordPress hosting product – I recall you were about to launch it last time we spoke. Was the launch successful?

Tomaž Koštial: “Yes, it was – we’ve had quite a few people interested in this specific product. We also got a clear idea of the audience for our WordPress hosting product, just like we did with the hybrid hosting. With this particular product, we had a few bugs to fix along the way, and most of them have been already taken care of.

In November, we already started the promotion for this product. I think the product is now ready for a wider public – at the moment, we are setting up the knowledge base for this product.”

You’ve also planned an overhaul of our VPS servers and our shared hosting product lines. Did you start work on these projects?

Tomaž Koštial: “Now we have the overhaul of our VPS servers in the works. We’ve already done the calculations and we know which product lines will be introduced. In total, we will have four product lines with the first one being introduced in November. The other three products will be introduced in January.”

In the meantime, we will be overhauling our reseller offering as well. Like I mentioned last time, cPanel increased the prices for their licenses, so we have to adapt our hosting packages.

Please tell me about your plans for the near future?

Tomaž Koštial: “We have to complete the lineup of our VPS servers and wrap up the overhaul of the reseller hosting packages. In addition to this, we will be polishing our shared hosting offer.

I think 2019 was a year of products for DHH Slovenia – we’ve introduced many great products and now we are concentrating our efforts on promoting them. For 2020, we are planning to expand to the international markets and offer our services in different countries. At the moment, our website is mainly aimed at the Slovenian audience, but we are looking into going global soon.”