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Milan, 4 September 2019. While DHH Slovenia stays on top of things when it comes to the number of clients of hosting companies in Slovenia, managing a web hosting business is never easy.

We’ve asked Tomaž Koštial, the CEO of DHH Slovenia, how his company deals with challenges coming its way and what drives its growth the most. Tomaž also told us about their accomplishments that happened during the second quarter of 2019 and gave us an idea of what is going to happen within Domenca and Domovanje in the coming months.

How did the Q2 2019 go for the DHH Slovenia?

Tomaž Koštial: “In the second quarter, we were able to observe very good results – the services across all the product lines performed great. As for the activities, we’ve been mostly following the same strategy as we did in the first quarter of 2019. This involved a lot of marketing initiatives – email marketing campaigns, special promotions for our products for the first period for the new customers.

During the second quarter, we also introduced some new products. Since we were very active in all areas of our business, we saw great results.”

DHH Slovenia recorded a 19% growth year-on-year in Q2 2019. What has contributed to this growth?

Tomaž Koštial: “The domains, the shared hosting, the reseller hosting – everything has contributed to this result. In fact, we are doing a pretty good, better than the plans we have set out for 2019.

Marketing activities definitely played a big role as well – we’ve also partnered up with a big business portal in Slovenia for new entrepreneurs. At the moment, we are actively looking for new partnerships where we can get any sorts of endorsements and extra exposure, so we get noticed by the wider public.

Another thing I’d like to highlight is that we had the record average rating from our customers in this quarter – 4.93!”

During the first quarter, you’ve worked on the managed WordPress hosting product and started work on a hybrid between shared hosting and VPS servers. Please tell me more about the progress regarding these two products.

Tomaž Koštial: “We introduced the hybrid hosting product in June – it is a mix between shared hosting and VPS servers. This product is useful for companies with websites that require a lot of resources, for example, an e-commerce shop.

In this case, users would like the website to load as quickly as possible. Shared hosting solely would not be able to satisfy this kind of need – it has its limitations and websites that need a lot of server resources simply would not be a good fit for that.

For this kind of websites, we offer the hybrid product that combines the power (resources) of a VPS or a dedicated server, but the user experience stays the same as with the shared hosting.

We also have plans to bundle this product with some other services we provide, for example, website optimization.

Since we’ve introduced this product in June, we’ve already heard some feedback from our customers and it has been very positive so far.

We want to further grow our reach through our customers’ feedback – we plan to encourage them to share their stories and experiences with us to promote our services to their friends and colleagues.”

During our previous talk, you told me that you were in the middle of completing the website for Domenca as part of the project to differentiate between the two brands – Domenca and Domovanje. Have you managed to complete the website development?

Tomaž Koštial: “The website for Domenca is coming along very well – we have the design ready and we had a meeting with our developer just recently. The basic structure is set and now we are moving to the content phase where we need to populate the website with information. We are expecting the website to be launched in September.

We will also soon start the Domovanje website overhaul. A lot of the activities we did for Domenca will be used as a foundation for the development of the Domovanje website. It might have taken a little more time than expected now, but I think that we have a lot of things that we can reuse for Domovanje.”

I recall you also mentioned that you planned to roll out some services for your clients and push forward some marketing activities. Did you look into that during the Q2?

Tomaž Koštial: “Yes, so one of the services I’ve already mentioned – it was the hybrid hosting. Another product was the managed WordPress hosting and the development has been interrupted by an unexpected decision by one of our partners – they decided to stop offering the plugin which we chose to use. We had to find another one, which took a bit of our time.

Now, we are at the point where we are ready to launch it.

As for marketing activities, we are putting a lot of emphasis on social networks. One of our aims was to increase the number of recommendations on Facebook for our brands. As we receive over 200 5-star ratings each month, we decided to put the positive feedback to use.

We’ve had a lot of customer testimonials coming our way lately and we asked our clients to share their experience with us on social media, which, again, helped us grow during the second quarter. At the moment, we are receiving by far the largest number of recommendations from our customers in comparison to all other hosting companies in Slovenia.”

What do you have in plans for DHH Slovenia for the upcoming months?

Tomaž Koštial: “For the near future, we have some product releases lined up, which includes the managed WordPress product as well. We are also planning an overhaul of our VPS servers and our shared hosting product lines.

Besides, we are planning to do direct sales to larger clients, specifically, resellers.

Lastly, we will definitely keep up our momentum as far as our marketing activities go. We recently have attended a couple of growth-hacking events and we’ve learned how to utilize various marketing channels in the most efficient way, so I believe, this will fire up our growth and sales.”