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Milan, 28 May 2019. Web hosting sector is one of the most rapidly growing markets in the world. In fact, according to Market Research Future (MRFR), “the global web hosting service market is expected to grow at 15.9% CAGR between 2018 and 2023, and hit USD 76.2 billion valuation by 2023.”

One of the web hosting market players, DHH Slovenia with its brands Domenca and Domovanje, are working hard to meet the industry’s standards. In fact, in order to keep up with the trends in web hosting market, DHH Slovenia has its eyes on the pulse of the sector.

Tomaž Koštial, DHH Slovenia’s manager, told us about how his company deals with day-to-day operations. He told us about DHH Slovenia’s Q1 2019 results and shared some of the plans they have for the upcoming months.

How did the Q1 2019 go for the DHH Slovenia?

Tomaž Koštial: “It went really well. I think we did a really good job sales-wise and the growth is pretty good. During the first quarter, we were busy developing new products, including the managed WordPress hosting. We also started the development of another service, which would be a hybrid between shared hosting and VPS servers. We are planning to launch this product in June.

The email-only hosting service has already been introduced to our clients. We had a soft launch at the end of April and we started carrying out marketing activities for it in the first half of May.”

DHH Slovenia recorded a 13% growth year-on-year in Q1 2019. What do you think appeared as the key drivers of this trend?

Tomaž Koštial: “It’s most certainly thanks to all the hard work we’ve been putting in during the last month and the year as a whole. We’ve been pushing forward a lot of marketing activities for all our products – we used a lot of email marketing, different campaigns and promotions, as well as networking.

I think this positive result is an outcome of our combined efforts throughout the period.”

In Q4 2018, you started working on the development of managed WordPress hosting. Could you please update me in regards to this project?

Tomaž Koštial: “The partner we were developing the product with lost their funding. So, we had to search for an alternative solution to this situation. In fact, we already found some of the ways to resolve this matter.

The partner was responsible for developing one particular software feature. So, aside from this feature, the project is ready. Once we will decide on the solution, we will be fully ready for the launch.

Initially, we planned to publish this service in May, but I think we can do it in June.”

You were also creating a new website for Domenca as a part of initiative to differentiate between the two brands – Domenca and Domovanje. Have you managed to finish this project?

Tomaž Koštial: “We are in the middle of completing the website for Domenca, actually. We got the final design for the website and now we are waiting for the designer to confirm some last details about the whole look of the website. I believe we will have everything ready by the end of this week.

Apart from that, we are already implementing whatever we have on WordPress. I am very happy with the new look of the website and looking forward to having it live.”

You launched a successful project last year – the new email marketing tool. How did your customers respond to this addition?

Tomaž Koštial: “Yes, we launched the email marketing tool last year. We received some orders for this tool.

However, this service is not our main proposition, it is a nice addition to our main products. For instance, with our Freemium version, clients can receive free package that allows them to send out 2,000 emails monthly. Like this, they can test out the software. Eventually, they might switch to the paid package as well.

In fact, the number of people that solely need the email marketing tool is still much smaller that the number of users looking for a hosting solution. Thus, we focus our efforts accordingly.”

Last time we spoke, you told me about your plans to work on expert services offer. Please let me know if you have any updates regarding this project.

Tomaž Koštial: “Yes, we are steadily growing this part as well. This is a complimentary service that comes with our hosting offer. Some of our clients need an assistance with making changes to their website, so we provide this.

We also have some ideas of how to improve this service.”

What do you have in plans for DHH Slovenia for the upcoming months?

Tomaž Koštial: “At the moment, we are looking at the process of interaction with our clients – we try to learn more about their user experiences and how we can improve that. So far, the feedback has been really good and our upcoming products are exactly what our clients have been asking for, so I am excited about it.

The upcoming quarter also has a lot to do with marketing activities. Apart from that, we are planning and strategizing the process of launching new products – what can be introduced first and how we can manage the others in order to optimize the workflow. For the upcoming month, I believe, we planned around 1-2 new services to be rolled out each month. The same busy schedule will be in place during autumn.

Summing up, our plans include a lot of marketing, sales and the introduction of new products for 2019, and probably, for 2020, too.”