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Milan, 9 May 2018. While the modern web hosting market is seeing quite a wave of development presently, some areas still lack clarity and order. This is precisely the gap that SYSBEE, one of the new prospective players on the web hosting market, is aiming to address. Today, we spoke to Zvonimir Gembec, the CEO of SYSBEE, about this matter. During the interview, Mr. Gembec has shared his vision of how SYSBEE helps numerous companies globally to overcome the current web hosting challenges.

While SYSBEE is still a young company, what is the key problem that it aims to solve on the web hosting market? 

Zvonimir Gembec: “Sysbee is aiming to solve the issue of management in big and complicated web clusters and clouds. In fact, a cloud is not a buzzword anymore these days, it is real, and it is happening.

Also, it is not uncommon that some of the more significant e-commerce sites or some news portals, mainly if they are targeting clients globally, have pretty big infrastructure. It is usually comprising large clusters of servers.

Developers who are playing key roles in working on these clusters, sometimes have little to no time, knowledge or skills to manage such huge systems. That’s where Sysbee comes into the picture – that is our niche. We aid this kind of companies to project, deploy and manage cluster systems for complicated and busy websites.”

What is the vision and mission of SYSBEE? 

Zvonimir Gembec: “At Sysbee, we bring DevOps to SMB-s and enterprises.”

Who are the target clients of SYSBEE? 

Zvonimir Gembec: “Our primary clients are small to medium enterprises, who have no internal sysadmin crew in place. They usually lack the IT element, since it is not their core business.

Such companies also usually rent servers somewhere and hire web developers to build and deploy their web application. Moreover, they typically lack internal resources to manage it properly.”

Please tell me about SYSBEE’s Infrastructure Consulting services. Which consulting services are available to SYSBEE clients today? 

Zvonimir Gembec: “Today, Sysbee is proud to provide infrastructure assessments and reviews of current infrastructure. We also work hard to make suggestions for infrastructure changes in an attempt to achieve a cost reduction for our clients.

Sysbee team also projects new infrastructures upon clients’ specifications and provides professional consultations regarding layout, size, and features.

We often act like glue between hosting or cloud provider, web developer, and a client. Our experts at Sysbee make sure that clients get what they need in exactly the right way. All our services are fast and affordable, without hidden costs and surprises around the corner. We are a transparent company.”

SYSBEE also offers Infrastructure Management services. Please tell me more about this. How does the usual process of service provision go?

Zvonimir Gembec: “At Sysbee, we usually provide management services only on infrastructure that we have deployed. As per our policy, we do not take over and manage an infrastructure that has been deployed by other companies for many reasons.

The reasons include the high costs and the lack of information about these setups. Also, when we try to provide management for infrastructure that has been deployed by other companies, it does not bring the best results. In those cases, we usually suggest infrastructure assessment to map services and their components. We also review how they are functioning and then project and deploy new infrastructure from scratch. Only then, we can efficiently offer management, can implement it again if some overhaul is needed and support it adequately.”

What are the plans of SYSBEE for the upcoming year? Are there any future projects, product launches or other developments in the pipeline?

Zvonimir Gembec: “Our primary goals for upcoming year comprise attracting new customers since Sysbee is a relatively new company on the market. Therefore, it is essential to put all parts of the company in full production, and start to make profits as soon as possible.

And yes, we have some products in the pipeline, with one of them being a DevOps package. It is a product that will help developers manage, deploy and monitor developers part of web application.”

What are the long-term goals of SYSBEE in regards to the market position/share? How do you see SYSBEE in 5 years from now?

Zvonimir Gembec: “We have developed a strategy to establish ourselves as a leader in managed services since we are not a local-oriented company.

We have significant opportunity to be well known globally in the areas we specialize in. So, in next five years, we are determined to become one of the most recognizable players in managed services internationally.”

What is your opinion about the modern web hosting market? Is it saturated? Which trends drive this sector? How can these trends change in the future?

Zvonimir Gembec: “Classic web hosting will not go away any time shortly, as some parts of web hosting business grow dramatically. For example, take a look at cloud hosting or specialized hosting, eg. WordPress Hosting and services like WIX or Weebly. Likewise, specialized simple e-commerce solutions like Shopify are also gaining popularity.

So, I presume that in next period, we will see more specialized solutions like this entering the market. Classic web hosting, which is indeed very universal, and in that light, probably too expensive, will still live on for years, but more specialized solutions will slowly bite its market share.”

From your perspective, how were customer expectations shaping throughout the years? What has influenced customer behavior in the web hosting market in the last 5 years? Do you believe customer expectations in this segment might change soon?

Zvonimir Gembec: “In last few years things within the web hosting market changed a lot. Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone in their pocket, and everybody is always online. Thus, there is significant pressure on hosters to have zero downtime service – it is imperative.

I believe that those things will probably continue in the future. Mobile websites and specialized solutions and services will likely continue to grow, too.

Five or more years ago, the web was only used as a web business card, while now even simple and small companies have very sophisticated applications. Presently, they can provide an opportunity to buy something, to book bus tickets online, or to reserve a table at the restaurant, and the like.

I firmly believe that the market will continue to develop in this direction.”