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Milan, 28 August 2018. Thousands of ideas are coming to life every day. But to be of any value to the community, a good idea always needs a good presentation. In the modern digital era, people opt to do so via websites. Moreover, to reach the right people, firms and individuals need an online presence as well.

That’s where Tophost enters the picture – the company that is known as the most affordable and high-quality web hosting provider in Italy. Tophost allows numerous businesses to establish their steady presence in the online world for a very moderate price.

We have spoken to the manager of Tophost, Simone Righini. We asked him about the key events that took place during the 2018 year so far, and also got a sneak peek of what is going to happen next.

How did the first half of the year go for Tophost?

Simone Righini: “We have been doing pretty great so far – in fact, we have been following the uptrend that started last year. In the meantime, we have also been consolidating results of our growth. As for the good news – the renewal rate has been rising, which means that more people compared to last year are renewing their packages. Also, the current acquisition rate is coming up, meaning that more people are becoming Tophost’s customers.

Moreover, there is something interesting that we have set up during the first half a year that we called the “challenge.” It is a social media activity, where our clients speak about Tophost with an ultimate goal to maintain the affordable pricing of the entry-level products at Tophost. So far, this initiative has been bringing great results – both for our clients and for us. This challenge has had a huge reach, with many people speaking about Tophost and engaging others in this activity.

At Tophost, we choose to provide our services at a very affordable price. During the first half a year, we decided to expand the product line and to include the HTTPS for every customer. As of the moment, we offer a 1-year hosting, service, including domain, 20 gigabytes, and HTTPS for just 10 euros.”

One of the latest press releases states that Tophost has recorded a +21% growth in gross sales in H1 2018 vs. H1 2017. What has aided the growth of the company?

Simone Righini: “I think many factors prompted this growth. One of them was the social media “challenge” that we have introduced.

This challenge also showed us that our customers love our brand because when we asked them to participate in this challenge, a lot of them responded right away. Just like that, our clients help our company grow as well. We have launched this challenge to be able to support our increased expenditure in hosting by onboarding more clients.

Another driver of our growth is our backup product – we extended the backup to all the customers. Last year, we were offering the backup option only for the new customers, while now, the backup product is available for everyone. This is making a big difference as well.

We also develop a new system that enables us to expand the new products even further, add more flexibility and stability to them. Since we are working very hard on these ideas, the boost in our growth is a great result for us.”

What projects does Tophost have for the upcoming half a year?

Simone Righini: “As of the moment, we are working on a project that is focusing on security and new power features, so we plan to carry on with the development in the upcoming months. However, it is still not clear when we will be ready to launch this product since we want to make sure that it works perfectly.

Asa matter of fact, we got the idea for this project from our customers. Every year, we carry out a customer survey, where we ask our clients about their needs. Last year, the option “security” came the second after “backup” – so we listen, and we deliver.”

In the Q1 of 2018, Tophost has started providing the new backup product on its platform. Did you receive any feedback in regards to this product in Q2 2018?

Simone Righini: “Yes, sure – people loved it. It is a very easy backup – it runs automatically. This backup product is a batch system that copies your website every week. It also takes a snapshot of everything that is present on your space, email, and database.

One of the great features of this product – it is possible to reverse your website to the older version by using a reverse option. In fact, our team in Tophost runs checks on our users’ websites to keep the websites running smoothly.

There are two options in this new backup product – one is to take a snapshot of the current website’s condition, and another is the reverse option, which allows you to come back to one of the older versions of your website.

People liked this product since it is very easy to use and intuitive. Plus, this was one of the requested products, so, many of our users were very satisfied with it.”

What is the long-term vision of Tophost?

Simone Righini: “One of the long-term goals we will be working on is internationalization of Tophost. This is still in the very early stage, as we have plans to tap into foreign markets and present Tophost outside Italy as well.

As of the moment, we are following the lead of our customers – they request particular products, and we develop them. We always try to deliver what is expected of us and always listen to the feedback.

As for the long-term, this strategy will also stay, I believe. Currently, people say that Tophost is the best quality product that they can find at such an affordable price in Italy. So, I think, we do things just right.”