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Milan, 21 February 2019. With the beginning of the new year, companies all over the world analyze their past performance and plan their actions for the near future. Artera, a premium web hosting provider in Switzerland, follows the same approach.

We spoke with Artera’s CEO, Sergio Ravera. He shared some of the insights into the company’s activities in 2018. He also provided some information related to the company’s plans for the current 2019 year.

Please tell me about Artera’s performance during the Q4 2018?

Sergio Ravera: “We have recently closed the budget for Q4 2018, which is the last one for 2018.

The final result is very positive, the growth trend is confirmed. The expenses are also under control and have remained fully compliant with the budget we had set at the end of 2017.

Back in Q3 2018, we started the work on the improvement of communications with our customers. We were also working on advancing our products. These activities were continued in the fourth quarter as well.”

How would you describe 2018 year for Artera? Did the company accomplish all the planned projects?

Sergio Ravera: “2018 was a great year for Artera. We have worked hard to carry out the ordinary work and at the same time to develop our ambitious renovation project. Most of the OKR targets were achieved despite having the limited workforce we had available at that time.

2018 will, therefore, remain in history as the most industrious and demanding year ever.

Looking back at 2017, it was not the best year for Artera in terms of performance as we stopped our web agency services. That time, we experienced a decline in numbers, as the idea was to replace the web agency activities with internet service provider business.  However, in 2018, we were able to reverse the situation that occurred during 2017.”

I know that Artera was focused on the improvement of communications with its clients during the last months. Did this strategy bring some results? 

Sergio Ravera: “We have greatly improved communication with our customers by producing very interesting technical content on the website.

Also, during Q4 2018, we defined and started to communicate our business strategy that has moved completely to the B2B approach. This allowed us to recover a lot of confidence and reactivated some collaborations that were dormant. Customers reacted well to the news communicated, thus making us register a good number of new orders and consolidate previously signed contracts. I can say that the results were very positive and better than expected.

Previously, Artera was present on the market as a web agency, so a lot of our customers perceived us as their competitors. Now, when we clarified our position, our results improved significantly.”

In Q3 2018, you shared that Artera also works on optimizing its website and populating it with the relevant content. Are there any updates in this sense?

Sergio Ravera: “The work of optimization of the site has never stopped and will not stop in 2019.

I believe that it is important to communicate clearly why Artera exists, what it does and how it does it. We decided to emphasize our Swiss nationality even more, which brings its values -quality, neutrality, transparency, correctness, and reliability. Swiss approach to business also has a certain way of operating, including such features as punctuality, precision, collaboration, and sharing.

We also decided to make our offer exclusive to agencies by omitting prices or other information that could be traced by the end customers.”

Let’s talk about Artera’s initiative to launch two new cloud services: file hosting and CRM. Do you have an approximate timeline in mind for this project?

Sergio Ravera: “We have successfully launched two new products: Mailart and Nextcloud, while the CRM service has now been put on standby. Mailart is an exclusive service for the professional management of the e-mail service, with particular relation to functionalities. It is increasingly linked to the mobile environment, to the active and passive security, and to the needs of memory that increases over time. We wanted to make this product more advantageous at the economic level.

Nextcloud is a self-hosted open source file sharing and synchronization solution designed to be easy to use and highly secure. It is an alternative to public cloud storage systems, such as Dropbox or Office 365. We, unlike our competitors, can guarantee the geo-location of data: both in Switzerland and in Italy.”

What are the plans of Artera for the near future?

Sergio Ravera: “There are three key moments planned for Artera’s near future: to underline our Swiss nationality, to further develop the reserved area of our site which is the main tool for collaborating with our customers and to continue to innovate and improve our services, while keeping an eye on the needs of the market.

The first point is very important for us, as we understand that in Q4, our customers were quite confused about who we are.

Besides that, we have many ideas, but in the first quarter, we mainly planning to focus on highlighting our Swiss nationality. In the upcoming quarters, we have a couple of product launches planned.”