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Milan, 28 May 2019. The fresh start of the 2019 year was challenging for a lot of companies in the web hosting space, considering the growing competition and new privacy regulations. Nevertheless, the new year brings along the new developments, ideas, and clients for the majority of hard-working businesses.

We talked with Sergio Ravera, the CEO of the Artera. He told us about the challenges the company faces and how the company handles these matters. Mr. Ravera also shared some insights into the internal processes of the company and how it affects their customers.

Please tell me about Artera’s performance during the Q1 2019?

Sergio Ravera: “The first quarter of 2019 was very intense and we saw a lot of positive developments – overall, I am very satisfied. During the first quarter, we worked a lot on modifying our website and publishing a lot of new content. While working on the new changes on our website, we paid a lot of attention to the client area of the website to improve the user experience.

We experienced a good positive trend in new leads coming to our website, as we saw an inflow of new users registering on the updated website. The number of new leads has remained constant, and already in Q4 2018, they were standing at a good number. However, the quality of the contacts has improved.

Thanks to this development, we spent a lot of time organizing and managing new leads.”

DHH Switzerland recorded a +18% growth year-on-year in Q1 2019. What do you think contributed to this development?

Sergio Ravera: “I believe that the reason behind this result is surely the implementation of the new price list. It has contributed a lot to the renewal rate that has remained very high. This allowed us to grow thanks to the new customers acquired.

However, the sky is the limit and we always strive for better growth.”

Did Artera also work on the optimization of the website during Q1 2019? 

Sergio Ravera: “Yes, as I mentioned, we have worked a lot on the content of the site to give our customers more information about our products. We wanted to provide more details and bring clarity to our clients.  During the Q1, we’ve been changing the front-end of the website. Besides, we focused on improving the structure of the website.

We consolidated the changes of the last quarter and laid the foundations for the development of improvements regarding our client reserved area which are, in fact, underway this quarter (Q2 2019).”

Artera was focused on the improvement of communications with its clients during the last months of 2018. Are you still working in this direction?

Sergio Ravera: “Certainly, we kept the promise made to our customers by giving them more timely and useful communications for business development. This particular activity comes at increased in efforts for Artera, as each communication talks about new features of Artera.

In fact, we also changed our customer target. Until the very end of 2018, we worked with the end-user customers and the reseller customers – retail and B2B.

However, now, we switched to working with only B2B clients. So, all the latest changes – modifications of the website and new features are also a part of this initiative.”

Last year, you successfully launched two products: Mailart and Nextcloud. Tell me about these projects – how are your clients responding to them?

Sergio Ravera: “Mailart was born as a product to support hosting, in practice, it is a mail-only service. Our customers put forward a suggestion to save on hosting fees when it is not necessary to maintain a website. The purpose of this product was precisely to support our partners, and it is something that happened with moderate success.

The feedback is very positive – our customers asked for this kind of product earlier and we listened. It is some kind of cost-optimization for our customers.

Nextcloud, on the other hand, was completely a new product. While many have tried it and then bought it, its simplicity and the excellent quality/price ratio is its strength. This product is particularly in demand due to the EU-wide GDPR regulations, because our customers need a place to safely store their files.”

Last time we spoke you told me that Artera wants to highlight its Swiss nationality. How were you developing in regards to this during the first quarter?

Sergio Ravera: “The change process has already started, but it is not a simple matter to solve. We expect to complete the transformation by the end of the year. For now, we have been working on off-line graphics, administrative and integration issues, as well as focusing on expanding the Swiss market.”

What are the plans of Artera for the near future?

Sergio Ravera: “We want to improve the experience of our partners even more by developing new features in our client-reserved area.

We are also preparing a new very innovative affiliate program that will allow many professionals to work with us.

Finally, the development of new features and products in Artera never stops, we are working on three very interesting new projects; we will present one at the end of the quarter. What’s this? This will come as a surprise for our competitors!

One of the products is a special cache solution for database, this is a very technical content for our products. Another product is a solution for archiving the emails that allows you to easily manage all your emails without having to store them on your device.”