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Sergio Ravera on Artera performance Q4 2019: “We added a series of new products to our portfolio.”

Milan, 12 February 2020. The global web hosting market is growing at a high speed with more and more players entering the game. According to the data from HostScore, “the global web hosting market is expected to reach $216.59 billion by 2025 (was $90.64 billion in 2018), at a CAGR of 13.25%.”

With the rising competition, and shifting demands of customers, web hosting companies find themselves facing a new challenge every day. We spoke with one of the growing web hosting companies present in the EU space, Artera. The CEO of Artera, Sergio Ravera, told us about the company’s performance during the last months of the 2019 year and how it stepped into the new one.

How did the Q4 2019 go for the Artera?

Sergio Ravera: “The last quarter of 2019 went pretty well, the performance was just slightly lower than I expected it to be. In fact, we’ve experienced many changes and carried out a lot of internal activities during the last months of the past year.

The main change was related to our product line, as we moved to cancel several low-priced products. At the same time, we added a series of new products to our portfolio and we are almost ready to present them to the wide public. Our bookings were virtually on the same level, just slightly lower due to the change in the product line.

Another great shift was the change of our office – we moved, and that involved a lot of extraordinary work. We have renovated the offices, and now we are back to work.”

Please tell me about the marketing campaign related to the new affiliate program of Artera. How is it going?

Sergio Ravera: “In the last quarter of 2019, we kept the affiliate program under test and only a few selected freelancers could access it. We wanted to make sure the program is fully operational and is ready to roll out to the wider public. At the moment, however, the affiliate program is available to everyone.

The program is really advantageous and whoever discovers it, immediately falls in love with it. I am very satisfied with the feedback and the results we are getting in the first weeks of the current year.

That being said, we did not start any marketing activities for this affiliate program as of now. We wanted to get the feedback at first, and also we need to update our website with the new content related to this program, so our current customers are getting familiarized with that. The next step would be to launch a marketing campaign.”

Last time, you’ve mentioned the development of a cloud product panel and a solution for archiving the emails. Are there any updates regarding these products?

Sergio Ravera: “Both products are ready and currently being tested. By the end of the first quarter of the current year, they will be published on our website and the related online marketing campaigns will be launched.

We have a very strict marketing strategy when it comes to promoting our products. To begin with, we are usually publishing two or three posts on our blog section on the website, with the purpose of illustrating the key points. Then, we are launching the Google Ads campaign or a social media campaign to support the flow of information about the new product.”

What are the plans of Artera for the upcoming months?

Sergio Ravera: “We are planning to complete the contents of our site with the new products: Cockpit Cloud control Panel, Atlas Mail Archive, and Total Privacy NextCloud.

Now, we are focused on our NextCloud product. We are looking to put efforts into promoting this solution at the moment, and we are positive it will bring great results. NextCloud is very similar to Dropbox or Google Drive, but it is on the private cloud, so it is not shared with anyone. It is based on a Swiss server farm and all the data is located in Switzerland.

It also features a great capacity – NextCloud offers 1 terabyte of data storage space. It is very high quality and performance product. At the end of January, we will participate in an important fair in Italian Switzerland, where we will present this product together with some other products, including the prototype of an innovative Virtual Reality (VR) interface.

Another move for the upcoming months would be to continue the production of original content, for blogs and social networks. We want to publish the content on a wider scale and do it more regularly.

Following on this, we want to give greater visibility to our Partner programs: Enterprise, E-Commerce, Agency, and Freelance (Affiliation). For this purpose, we usually analyze our customer base and identify four big customer targets. For each target, we find three or more advantages that we can offer to a new customer in case they buy a new product. Then, for each of the targets, we set up different programs.

Last but not least, we will finally activate our complex and innovative marketing plan.”