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Milan, 4 September 2019. The last month of summer is finally here and people are slowly getting back to offices from their vacations – well-rested, tanned, and ready for work. However, the work has never stopped even during these oddly hot summer months of 2019.

What has happened in Artera’s offices in the second quarter of 2019?

That’s exactly what we’ve talked about with Sergio Ravera, the CEO of Artera. He told us about new exciting projects his company has been working on during the past couple of months and shared some plans for the near future.

Please tell me about Artera’s performance during the Q2 2019?

Sergio Ravera: “The second quarter was very busy, we managed to have a lot of work done. Aside from our regular activities, we worked a lot on services dedicated to our resellers and agencies. One of the key focuses during the second quarter was the development of the system for providing advice to our customers.

Thanks to the efforts we put in the Q2, our resellers are now able to enjoy a better user experience – new interface for a list of services and new pricing list. Resellers can now easily use an affiliation link to register the final customer and get the commission.”

DHH Switzerland recorded a +14% growth year-on-year in Q2 2019. What do you think contributed to this development?

Sergio Ravera: “These things never happen by chance, I believe. So surely it was the new strategy we’ve adopted that allowed us to see the inflow of dozens of new customers and improve our renewal rate.

This result was mostly driven by the three changes we’ve implemented.

Firstly, we’ve removed the public access to our price list. Secondly, we’ve increased the number of resources for each service package, which improved the price/quality ratio. Lastly, we’ve enriched service packages for resellers – before, when they used to reach the limit of their packages, the service would automatically stop and they needed to have an upgrade to continue to use it. Now, with the advanced version, the service does not stop right away, so resellers have more time to upgrade while the service is still running.”

Last time we spoke, you told me that Artera was working intensively on the optimization of the website in order to improve the user experience. Please let me know if you are still working on it and if it has brought some results.

Sergio Ravera: “Yes, we are still working on it and we had our own senior developer help us with the software. We are still planning to carry out some website optimization-related work in the upcoming months.

However, since we have the new internal development team in place now, I think that we will manage to optimize the workflow very efficiently.”

How is Artera doing in regards to the project to highlight its Swiss nationality? During the first quarter, you’ve been busy with off-line graphics, administrative and integration issues. What happened during the Q2?

Sergio Ravera: “The project has turned out to be a bit more complex than we expected initially, and we spent a lot of time analyzing the market. We found it challenging to highlight our Swiss identity since Switzerland is a very particular country – it is neutral in some sense, but also quite distinct in regards to some cultural elements.

As we are trying to reach the audience with the interest in infrastructure or cloud-based hosting service in Switzerland, we decided to make sure we send the right message. We work a lot with our graphic designer for this purpose and also with the communication expert in Switzerland.”

During our last call, you mentioned a very innovative affiliate program Artera is looking into. Did you act on this initiative yet?

Sergio Ravera: “No, at the moment, not yet – it has not been officially launched. We continued the development and changed the management of the utilities in our reserved area.

When we were about to launch the program, we realized that there is a crucial factor to be addressed – a privacy concern. Therefore, in order to comply with all the customer privacy essentials, we need to rewrite a big part of the program.

Another thing that we wanted to take care of before launching the program was the outreach process organization. If we were to launch the affiliate program back then, we would need to contact every single reseller individually. In order to save time, we’ve found a workaround and I think we will be ready for the launch in September.”

Also, you mentioned the plans of Artera to develop new products – a special cache solution for a database, and a solution for archiving the emails. Have you begun working in this direction?

Sergio Ravera: “Since these two products are very critical for our business, we wanted to make sure we test them with a small group of our clients, gather the feedback for improvement, and roll out final versions of these products.

Our database product is very advanced – it provides a backup of the data in real-time, while other industry providers are able to backup data only hourly.

With our email archiving solution, the key concern was the lack of information about the customer’s needs and possible issues when using the product, so we had to test it at first. We were also cautious because of the new GDRP regulations in Europe – the product had to be fully compliant with this law.

We will distribute these 2 products officially starting from Q4.”

What are the plans of Artera for the near future?

Sergio Ravera: “Aside from the activities I’ve mentioned in our talk, we will be working on a new exciting project. It is a new and innovative product – a cloud product that, at the moment, has no competitors on the market. The product name will be the “Deus ex Cloud”.

Artera has always been an avant-garde brand, and after the restructuring phase, we focused on the development of truly cutting-edge new products.

We are planning to roll the new product out by the end of Q3. Just to give you an idea about the product – it will provide powerful tools for the customer to manage a cloud server. Another step towards our professional users.”