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Milan, 11 September 2018. Nowadays, the majority of online business owners prefer to delegate the infrastructural and maintenance elements of their IT systems to professionals, which ensures that their site and databases are secured. In the meantime, they focus on their core business.

While this scheme gains popularity day by day, choosing the reliable and stable managed hosting provider is the key to keeping the business running without any interruptions.

Artera, the premium managed web hosting provider in Switzerland, puts performance at the top of its priority list when it comes to providing services to the client.

In this interview, Sergio Ravera, the CEO of Artera, talked about the know-how behind this brand and revealed the key vision and mission that encourages Artera’s team to work hard. We also got some insights about the performance of Artera during the first half a year and the future plans of the company.

While Artera is known to be the premium hosting service provider, what is the key problem that the company strives to solve in the market?

Sergio Ravera: “We are the company that provides the classic web hosting service to the market, yet, the key difference that makes our company stand out is that our service is managed. As the primary goal, we strive to reduce the distance between system operators and the programmers for our customers; also, we aim to help our customers to mitigate technical complexities related to their clients.

Aside from just the technical side of the web hosting service, we also provide support, consultation, and management services. Our team at Artera includes experienced system administrators and developers that can easily communicate with our principal customers, which comes as a significant advantage.

Currently, we concentrate our efforts on working with WordPress and Magento platforms. Magento is one of our specializations since it is an eCommerce platform that also features an enterprise version. Also, we work with WordPress, because it is a very popular platform.

Another key service that we focus our attention at is the management of updates regarding security matters. Taking into consideration the latest updates in the market regarding the privacy policy, including the GDPR and quality certifications, it is vital to make sure that your website is in line with these requirements.

At Artera, we make sure that the services we provide are meeting the latest requirements of the market – the top-notch performance is what we strive for.

Our key customers are the web agencies that need managed hosting and cloud services. These agencies specialize in providing services to their end customers. Another type of clients we target is the big enterprise companies since the model is pretty much similar to that of web agencies and these companies usually have the internal IT manager or internal design department.”

What are Artera’s vision and mission?

Sergio Ravera: “When we started back in 2002, some niches were not covered in the web hosting market. For instance, some clients found it hard to have the high technical expertise, while specializing on, say, designing activities. They did not want to care about the technical part. This is where Artera entered the picture – we started taking care of that.

We are taking care of the customers’ infrastructure and the technology stack, which are the essential elements for maintaining the excellent presence on the web. We want to allow customers to focus on doing what they do best, while we make sure that the technical side of their work processes is going smoothly.”

How the first semester of Artera went?

Sergio Ravera: “During the first half of 2018, Artera has been quite busy with the designing activities. We put a lot of our efforts into the development of new products. We want to make sure that our products are fail-free and meet the latest standards of the market; that is why developing a product can be quite a lengthy process.

Since the web hosting market is continuously evolving, we have to also adapt our products to the innovations that emerge in the sector. During the development stage, we usually test the products with our customers and listen to their feedback, and if something needs more attention, we work until we have the perfect product.

We also have been working on the improvement of our internal processes. Since our customers usually have insufficient time to deal with a specific issue, we decided to develop a set of standardized solutions that include many options. This allows us to save time and organize the workflow better.”

What projects has Artera planned for the next semester?

Sergio Ravera: “For the next half of a year, we plan to concentrate our efforts on the improvement of the communication part of our business.

Previously, since we had to concentrate on the other in-house processes in our company, we somewhat lost close communications with our clients. We were not quite active on the social media, and we were not publishing any updates from regarding our products and services.

Now, we not only aim to improve the communication with our customers but also enhance the user experience within Artera. We plan to facilitate the easy access to our services and enable the intuitive self-service. This will eventually allow us and our clients to save the precious time – a win-win.

For instance, we plan to develop a new mobile application to get in touch with a customer – this would improve the flexibility of our communications with a customer. We’d also like to advance the monitoring systems that allow us to track the progress and keep things organized.”

What plans does Artera have in the long run? How do you see Artera in 5 years?

Sergio Ravera: “I see Artera following the same path of being the top premium managed hosting service provider, while at the same time we want to be able to adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the market quickly. One of the key goals for the future is to develop in line with the market expectations, meaning that our research and development department will emerge as one of the key elements of the company.

We want to grow in terms of earnings and to expand our employee base. As for the people in our team, we like to see young and fresh minds that are creative and aware of the latest trends in the industry.

I can certainly say that in 5 years, customer expectations will be very different from what is sold today. The shift towards software as a service and the massive introduction of IOT, Blockchain and cognitive networks combined with the machine learning technology will change the lives of people and consequently companies profoundly and irreversibly.

Since Artera is a part of a big group of companies, DHH, we have a lot of internal communication. Concerning this, I am happy that the key people behind these companies are very open-minded. I believe that aside from having great product and strategy, it is essential to have the great team to work with; not only the internal team but also team within the bigger corporation.”