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Milan, 21 February 2019. It feels like 2019 just started, yet, we already are halfway through the second month of the current year. Now, it is just the right time to take a look back at how the 2018 year went and lay out the plans for this year.

Today, we sat with Saša Zgrabljić and discussed the performance of DHH Croatia in Q4 2018 and the existing initiatives of the company. She also shared some of the plans for DHH Croatia for the 2019 year.

Please tell me how did Q4 of 2018 go for DHH Croatia?

Saša Zgrabljić: “It was pretty good, I’d say. We had our focus on the marketing and sales this past quarter. We were changing our advertising strategies in order to improve our market position. We also had two successful marketing campaigns, the Black Friday and the Christmas campaign. Both of these brought different results, while one of them brought new customers and another one brought a lot of followers on social media.

Additionally, we carried out a lot of changes during the last quarter within the company. So, we were working on improving internal communications and customer service quality. We started reviewing tickets more thoroughly so we can see the real picture with the customers.

All these changes were aimed at increasing effectiveness as a company, as well as at providing the best customer experience for our clients.”

How about the 2018 year as a whole? Was 2018 a successful year for the DHH Croatia?

Saša Zgrabljić: “It was a challenging, but a successful year. We had some ups and downs, especially at the beginning of the year, when we introduced the new billing platform.

That time, we also introduced the new web hosting package line for InfoNET. Since these two projects were done at the same time, it was a big challenge for us. But this also helped us to learn and develop as a team. I believe it will also help us deal with such situations in the future.”

During the Q3 2018, DHH Croatia started collaborating with an established Croatian marketing agency. Did this partnership bring any results so far?

Saša Zgrabljić: “I did a quick comparison, and found out that this year’s campaigns were better than last year’s. With the new marketing agency, we decided to focus on fixing previously used campaigns. Aside from this, we also were working on keeping our competitors in line – since some of our competitors adopted a very aggressive marketing strategy we focused on leveling the playing field. I think that this will allow us to grow as a brand in 2019.”

Another initiative taken in Q3 2018 was the education of your support agents. Please tell me how did this project go.

Saša Zgrabljić: “This is a long term project that will be ongoing for a long time, so we are still working on it. Just right now, we had a meeting where we discussed how we can arrange our education better, especially for our new agents.

We had two new hires join our team, so we were focused more on them as we have to bring them up to speed, which means we didn’t have much time to provide extra education for the existing agents. I’m positive we’ll be able to shift our focus to the existing agents this year.”

I recall that one of DHH Croatia’s goals is to lower the number of requests per customer. Did the company take any additional steps in this direction?

Saša Zgrabljić: “We are near the end phase of the knowledge base revamp project. We’ve created, adopted and translated a lot of articles for our customers. Aside from this, we are also planning to redesign the whole knowledge base in a way that would allow us to manage it more easily.

We are also working with our technicians to create long term improvements to our shared hosting services, which will also lower the number of issues our customers are facing. And ultimately, it will lower the amount of request we get per customer.”

You’ve also mentioned that new product line for the Plus hosting during our last interview. Please tell me if there are any updates regarding this project.

Saša Zgrabljić: “The product line was actually put on hold due to the changes made to the infrastructure. We wanted to make sure that the product line is utilizing the best possible resources, and we recently restarted the project again.

Now, we are working with our technicians on the technical implementation phase in order to make sure that the technical side of it is also ready.”

What plans does DHH Croatia have for the upcoming months?

Saša Zgrabljić: “We are hoping to finish the new WordPress related product that I mentioned previously. Besides, we are also planning to wrap up the product line for the Plus brand as well as to start the consolidation project for the internal billing platforms. This will allow us to lower the number of tasks for each of the departments, so our agents can become more productive.

Also, we also want to improve our service quality and customer service quality as well.”