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Milan, 28 May 2019. Spring 2019 comes to an end and the summer is ready to take over. In the meantime, businesses all over the world are analyzing their Q1 2019 results and laying out strategies for the upcoming months.

On this note, we talked with Saša Zgrabljić, the manager of DHH Croatia. She told us about the challenges the company faced in Q1 and which lessons were learned in the process. Saša also shared some details of the current projects and gave us a sneak peek into what DHH Croatia plans for the Q2 2019.

Please tell me how did Q1 of 2019 go for DHH Croatia?

Saša Zgrabljić: “We finally finished some internal projects geared towards automation, which allowed us to reduce the number of employees in the billing team at the end of the quarter. We are always sad seeing co-workers go, but we are proud of the hard work put into optimizing the processes.

The project of quality review of customer interactions we implemented in this quarter was also an important step for future growth. We noticed some inconsistencies and prepared the projects to deal with them.”

DHH Croatia saw a 1% growth year-on-year in Q1 2019. What, in your opinion, contributed to this result?

Saša Zgrabljić: “The result is something we strive to improve in the coming quarters. It is a mixture of an increased pressure from low-cost competition and us being slower than we wished in the rollout of the new products.

The quality fluctuations I mentioned earlier also resulted in a little bit higher churn rate with some customer segments. We are really happy that we implemented the quality review project, which allows us to act on this quickly.”

Let’s talk about DHH Croatia’s marketing initiatives. I recall that you’ve started working with a new marketing agency and you’ve paid attention to what your competitors were doing. Do you see any improvements as you’ve changed the partner agency?

Saša Zgrabljić: “The biggest change is that we now have a regular rhythm of bi-monthly meetings and somebody who challenges our technical first approach.  We are improving our return on each invested Croatian Kuna each month, which makes us happy with the relationship so far.”

Another initiative I’d like to talk about is the education of your support agents. You’ve told me that you are planning to have this project in place long-term. Is there anything new in this field?

Saša Zgrabljić: “Daily quality reviews that we implemented this quarter were the first step in this long term project. This allows us to help to tailor the education to each agent and focus on the areas they need to improve the most.  We believe this individual approach will generate better results in the midterm.”

Please tell me about the knowledge base revamp project. Did you manage to wrap it up?

Saša Zgrabljić: “The knowledge base revamp is almost done. The website is done, articles have been written or updated and we are in the process of integrating it into our current website that should be completed in a couple of weeks. We are really proud of it and it should help our customers to be more self-sufficient.”

You’ve also told me that the new product line for the Plus Hosting was put on hold earlier. Did you restart working on it?

Saša Zgrabljić: “Yes, we have revived the project and are currently engaging the external developers to help us create the best possible user interface for our clients. As it is a non-standard approach to this kind of business-line, there are some challenges still to be solved.”

What plans does DHH Croatia have for the upcoming months?

Saša Zgrabljić: “We believe in the evolution and continuous improvement of the service. We will continue with the quality review project and we believe this will introduce further positive changes to our organization.

Our goal is also to do some pilot sales of our new products, which are currently still in the development so we can test the market response before the official launch.”