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Milan, 7 August 2018. It might seem like the 2018 year has just started, yet, already the second quarter of this year has come to an end. This means primarily two things: one, there are only 6 months to go until 2019; and two, it is high time to summarize what has been done in the past half of a year.

We sat with Saša Zgrabljić, the country manager of DHH Croatia and talked about how the group has been doing during the first 6 months of 2018. Saša has shared some of the insights about the new developments that took place within InfoNet and other DHH Croatia brands.

Also, we discussed some of the DHH Croatia’s upcoming plans and its long-term strategy details.

How did the first two quarters of 2018 go for DHH Croatia?

Saša Zgrabljić: “There are a lot of changes currently going on within the DHH Croatia group. One of the biggest things that have been done was the introduction of the new billing platform for one of our brands, InfoNet. This has appeared as a significant change since it also impacted the appearance of the client area.

Also, we have been receiving a lot of feedback from our customers, and to meet their requirements, we have been implementing a lot of changes. Following this, we also introduced a new line of products for the same brand.

During the first half of 2018, we were mainly focusing on making the positive improvements to the platform, which are based on the feedback from our employees and customers. The changes were primarily related to specific features missing in the new platform, which will allow our customers better control over their services and finances, as well as improving the speed of everyday tasks for our employees. We wanted to make sure that the new platform meets the requirements of both sides.

Also, we also started heavily investing in marketing activities associated with all our brands. Particular attention here was given to Studio4Web and Plus. We increased our presence on social media, we started providing better and more frequent blog posts, and we invested in improvements to our websites’ SEO.”

According to the official press release on the DHH website, DHH Croatia has hit +12% growth in gross sales in H1 2018 vs. H1 2017. What has helped the company reach this result?

Saša Zgrabljić: “I would say that such growth is a combination of several different factors. One of these is the introduction of the new product line for InfoNet since this was the first time we have established an unlimited hosting in Croatia. The new product line was very much welcomed by our customers, as it allowed them to grow along with our company. There were some similar products available on the market before, but nothing exactly like this.

We also have started providing some paid services for Plus hosting. Previously, we did not precisely execute them in a very organized way, which meant we couldn’t introduce them as proper products. To do so, we changed our internal processes, and as a result, we were able to introduce specific services as products. To be more specific, we are now offering WordPress optimization and WordPress upgrade as a paid service to our customers. This means we can guarantee an improvement on their websites, and the clients liked this improvement.

Moreover, we have started focusing our efforts on marketing and promotions to onboard more clients.

Also, in the first months of 2018, Croatian startup Sysbee was still a part of DHH Croatia. We used to provide support and infrastructure services for our VIP customers. At one point in time, we decided to step up our game and make Sysbee a separate project.”

What plans does DHH Croatia have for the upcoming 6 months?

Saša Zgrabljić: “The changes that are taking place right now will also continue in the upcoming months. We are focusing on the improvement of some of the internal processes as well as continuous improvements to both our internal and external tools.

We’re looking to introduce teams and specializations within the Support department, provide additional education to our agents and improve the tools in a way that will result in overall better customer experience.”

Please tell me about the long-term plans of DHH Croatia? Does the company have any long-term projects planned for the upcoming year?

Saša Zgrabljić: “We are planning to launch new products in the future which will be focusing on specific segments on web hosting, such as WordPress and e-mail. The products are being developed with our customer feedback in mind, so we expect them to be very popular in the regional online community. We’re also looking to change the existing product line on our premium brand Plus Hosting, and make our hosting plans more in line with the customer needs.

We also want to develop ourselves beyond hosting service sector, since now we are entirely focused on providing web hosting related services. In the future, we will look into providing proper application level support to our customers and become more than just a web hosting provider.”