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Milan, 22 November 2018. Web presence is crucial for small and large businesses. These days, companies without a proper website in place face rather tough competition and often struggle to establish a significant presence in the market.

Web hosting providers are the companies that facilitate the hassle-free establishment of the online presence for such businesses. Domovanje and Domenca are the two web hosting companies that are offering such services to firms in Slovenia. These companies are a part of the DHH Slovenia.

We talked with the DHH Slovenia’s Country Manager, Tomaž Koštial. He shared some of the details concerning the performance of Domovanje and Domenca during the third quarter of 2018. We also got a chance to know DHH Slovenia’s outlook for the upcoming year.

Please, share some insights into how DHH Slovenia spent the previous three months? Were there any significant projects that took place in Q3 2018?

Tomaž Koštial: “We were busy with the migration project, and we are happy to announce that it has been finished successfully finally.

Also, we were also working on support organization and optimization within DHH Slovenia. One of the points I’d like to highlight is that we managed to lower the number of support requests by 10 percent compared to last year. This is although this year, we are supporting a much larger number of clients and services. This improvement was mostly because we improved and updated our knowledge bases and how to articles both for Domenca and Domovanje.

This allows our clients to find the answers in our knowledge base easier, thus eliminating the need to contact our support regarding simple questions. Even if they cannot find a solution by themselves and they contact us, improved and updated knowledge base pages allow our support agents to answer their questions better by pointing them to a support or a how-to article specific to their problem. This time saving makes it possible for us to dedicate more time to complex issues and thus, improve the quality of our support. I was pleasantly surprised by improvements we managed to achieve during the third quarter.

We were also busy working on the overhaul of the Domenca website, redesigning the logo and trying to figure out how to present the services to our customers in a more user-friendly way.

Additionally, we’ve been working on some projects that were pending from before and had to be finished. These were mostly aimed at the “housekeeping” of our internal matters.”

I know you were busy with the migration of websites during the first half of the year. How did this go?

Tomaž Koštial: “This was a huge project, going on for around a year and a half. We had to migrate over 10,000 hosted websites and domains – a large chunk of our infrastructure was still hosted on Plesk servers and had to be moved to cPanel servers.

We finished the migration project at the end of August. After that, it was just a matter of some clean-up, notifying all the customers to do some final checks before we delete the old data and resolving any migration-related issues. At the moment, we are busy with shutting down the old Plesk servers and canceling the software licenses as the final step of the post-migration cleanup.

I’m happy with how the migration project went. It was probably one of the most massive migrations that have been performed in this region. We executed everything with our internal resources, as we aimed to make this process as pain-free as possible for our clients. I think most of our clients did not even notice any migration-related activities, as it was quite smooth.

In this context, there were not any significant issues related to the migration process. Even our first level agents, who are usually the first to answer questions, did not report any significant increase in support tickets. Perhaps, it was also due to right timing – we did the most substantial part of migrations during the summer months, which are usually less busy.

I have to emphasize how technically complex and demanding the project was from an organizational standpoint. So many variables and factors had to be taken into consideration, and the timing had to be perfect, regarding notifications of clients, actual migrations, support, etc. Our team did a phenomenal job. I’m proud to have such great people in DHH Slovenia.”

DHH Slovenia planned to redesign some of the existing products to differentiate between the two brands – Domovanje and Domenca. Were there any developments regarding this initiative in Q32018?

Tomaž Koštial: “Yes, indeed, we aim to make it easier for our clients to be able to choose our products. Some of these initiatives included redesigning the products, and some were focused on a more straightforward presentation of our products and services.

At the moment, DHH Slovenia has different types of clients. Some of them are business people, who need a simple service, like email or hosting. They prefer services with minimal distraction and that are easy to use. On the other side, some entrepreneurs and people deal with creating websites and offering IT services to their clients.

We plan to differentiate between Domenca and Domovanje to target different groups of clients. Domenca will be aimed more at the end clients – these are clients, who don’t necessarily possess in-depth knowledge about the IT world. On the other hand, Domovanje will be aimed more toward web developers, website builders, and other IT-savvy individuals.

At the moment, there is some overlapping between these brands, but I think we are going in the right direction to fix this.”

Can you share some plans of DHH Slovenia for the upcoming three months? How about the 2019 year?

Tomaž Koštial: “We are working on the development of some new products. In Slovenia, we are busy with the development of the managed WordPress hosting product.

We also are about to launch an overhauled offer with our new email marketing tool. In this context, the website is almost finished, and we are just waiting for our partners to add some features to the system.

If we look at the performance of DHH Slovenia from the bigger perspective, we are eyeing to sell our services and products to larger clients. At this moment, we enjoy a vast client base, and there are a lot of clients that know us mostly as the domain registration company and shared hosting provider.

We want to let them know that we have a lot of other services we can offer them as well. We are now in the process of establishing sales activities, where we will contact larger clients individually and try to find out their needs and how we can help them grow their business further.

Since we are done with the “cleanup” and other organizational work, it is the right time to focus more on increasing sales. I think 2019 will be a great year for DHH Slovenia.”