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Milan, 22 November 2018. The largest web hosting provider in Croatia, DHH Croatia, manages three brands – Plus Hosting, Studio4web, and Infonet. Each of these brands is focused on the specific audience while providing a broad range of services to clients in Croatia.

We talked with Saša Zgrabljić, the Country Manager of DHH Croatia. We asked her about the recent performance of the company and the big plans for the upcoming year. Saša also discussed some details concerning the internal processes at DHH Croatia with us.

Please tell me how did the third quarter of 2018 go for DHH Croatia? Any projects, developments, performance statistics that you’d like to share?

Saša Zgrabljić: “During the third quarter, DHH Croatia continued to work on the internal processes, but we also focused on some other things. One of those areas was marketing improvement. As a part of this initiative, we started cooperating with an established Croatian marketing agency. Thanks to this collaboration, I think we will see a good increase in conversions and sales during the next few months.

Aside from marketing, we also focused on one of the most significant projects we had started earlier this year. It was essential for the customers. With the new Google Chrome version, all websites that are using the Symantec SSL certificate that was issued before June 1, 2016, are now marked as insecure. A lot of our customers are facing this issue, and it means that they can experience various problems, such as potential loss of clients and, as a consequence, the decline in revenue.

To tackle this issue, during the last six months, we were reissuing SSL certificates. So, as of the moment, we issued a total of 708 certificates. The process did not impact our customers’ websites. Because we took on this issue early, we were able to perform this process for free – it was free of charge for our clients and us, as well.”

At the end of Q2, you mentioned that DHH Croatia was in the middle of working on its internal processes related to a support department. How did these processes go?

Saša Zgrabljić: “We had some changes within the way we handle our day to day work and our customers. The main thing we did was the introduction of teams within the support department. This implies that each agent has his responsibility and their own set of tasks that they should take care of. This also means that customer requests are now being reviewed continuously during the day.

As a result of such an organized workflow, we can provide faster and more professional service to our customers. Before we had this setup in place, when we had a rush hour, we would face some situations when tickets would get stuck in the queue. Now, we have special people for resolving these issues as soon as they arise.”

Providing additional education to your agents was another initiative of DHH Croatia planned for Q3 2018. Please tell me about this in detail.

Saša Zgrabljić: “We were providing education for our agents in Croatia in all of the departments. We did a lot of training within the company during the last few months. One of the biggest things we had performed is the provision of education to our support agents along with our colleagues in Slovenia. This helped us to improve the way we use specific internal tools.

We are also providing one-to-one coaching to our teammates, as well as some leadership courses. The education project is still ongoing. We believe that these courses will help them to become better leaders and boost the performance of the company. So far, the results have been good.

We also started internal education for the billing department.  I believe that this will bring us a better division of labor between agents. What happened before, is that we had certain specialists working on particular tasks and responsibilities, but when they were out or busy, the workflow was stagnant.

Now, we try to ensure that every agent knows how to do every task and then they are interchangeable. This is an ongoing project, but they are already trying to use internal tools, and they are now able to take care of the majority of the tasks.”

How about the plans of DHH Croatia for the remaining months of 2018?

Saša Zgrabljić: “We have a few goals or projects that we are hoping to finish during the fourth quarter of 2018. The primary goal that we have is to lower the number of requests that we receive per customer. This project is quite big, and I think we will also work on it during the next year.

We aim to lower the number of calls or tickets that we receive per customer without actually impacting customer satisfaction. It will be a fundamental change in the way we operate. The ultimate result of this project is to have more time available for our agents. If they have additional time, they can focus on other projects better, which can help us grow as a company.

To get closer to achieving this goal, we started the overhaul of our external knowledge base. This is a project that was taken over by our first-line agents.

There is also another big project we are working on right now. It is the introduction of the new product line that I mentioned last time we spoke. The project is for Plus Hosting – we moved from the design phase to the planning phase, and we plan to start the implementation process by the end of the year.”

Can you share some insights into the 2019’s plans of DHH Croatia?

Saša Zgrabljić: “As I mentioned, we will be working on the knowledge base. We are also looking to redesign it to bring in more efficiency. It will also help us to direct customers towards our knowledge base to find the answers for their questions by themselves. This means that they won’t be calling and filling tickets as much as they did before.

We are also planning to provide better content on our blog, which should spark an interest in our expertise both in our customer base and outside. What we realized is that the right content and the rich knowledge base can attract the attention of our existing and potential customers.

We are also looking to introduce a new product line. It will most likely be live during the first quarter of 2019. The product line is well-sought after, we have a lot of customers asking for it and asking for more resources and better service. So, this should help them customize better service packages for themselves.

There is also another project that we are working on. It is very closely related to WordPress. We are planning to introduce this product during 2019, and I am not sure yet about the exact timing, however. We are currently in the design phase for this initiative. We are confident that this project will be exciting for our customers because we have over 40% of WordPress-based websites on our servers.

During 2019, we will also continue to push on improving our customer service. We want our agents to provide help proactively rather than reactively.”