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Milan, 28 May 2019. Last year, mCloud appeared as the latest addition to the DHH family. Today, mCloud successfully merged with, another Serbian brand present under the DHH wing. How did the companies do during the first quarter and what to expect from mCloud in the upcoming months?

That’s exactly the questions we asked Bosko Radivojevic, the CEO of mCloud.

How did the Q1 of 2019 go for mCloud?

Bosko Radivojevic: “From the perspective of business and revenue, the quarter went well – we are meeting the bookings target. During the first quarter, we were working on two big projects. One of them is the initiative to merge billing and information systems between and mCloud.

Another project was the actual merger of two companies. This was a lot of formal and legal work, but also we had to pay attention to some small details regarding this project.”

Back in 2018, you were working on merging billing and information system between and mCloud. Did you wrap this project up?

Bosko Radivojevic: “On the 31st of March, we effectively migrated all customer data from all billing system to the one that is used by mCloud. So, starting from the 1st of April, mCloud and are using the same billing, ticketing and chat systems. We also migrated the website of to WordPress.

So now, everything is streamlined and we can control all the pricing, customers, and see all kinds of metrics – all in one platform.

We also merged the two companies. So, the old company DHH Serbia no longer exists as of 24th of April. We also changed our bank and streamlined all financing operations.

Currently, there is one legal company with one billing system that combines two brands – mCloud and These two brands have two different customer bases, however. For example, the brands have different Revenue-Per-User – mCloud’s RPU is 7 times higher than the RPU of, on average.

The two brands target different sizes of clients and are created to meet different needs our clients might have. We are trying to combine different technologies in order to provide different services for similar needs.

Let me explain – for instance, with mCloud, we will start offering advanced shared hosting packages, but we will not position this service as a shared hosting product, but instead, as the most advanced hosting product. The idea here is to have separate brands in a way to show that they can satisfy different kinds of needs.

Talking on this matter, the customers of are 100% using the services to host their websites. However, for mCloud, only around 55% are using the services to host websites, and the remainder is using the shared hosting for their applications – CRMs, ERPs, databases and the like.”

Could you please tell me about the advanced hosting project? Last time we spoke you were getting ready for the launch.

Bosko Radivojevic: “Yes, we are almost ready for the launch. We are waiting for the completion of the other project at first – it is a migration of the new infrastructure. We’ve been working on it since the beginning of the year, as well.

So, technically and from the business perspective, the advanced hosting product is done. However, we need to host this product in Serbia since that is what we are committed to. In order to host and deploy this kind of service in Serbia, we need to finish the migration of infrastructure.”

You told me that you were planning to have one technology-related conference in Belgrade this spring. Did it take place yet?

Bosko Radivojevic: “So far, in spring, we did not host any mCloud conferences due to the busy schedule of other IT-related conferences. However, we’ve been pretty active in taking part in other events, such as PHP Serbia and WordCamp in Niš.

Now, mCloud has its own mascot in the form of a big cloud and we have it with us during all the conferences. We are being very proactive when it comes to promoting mCloud – we have different approaches, we give out T-shirts, asking people to take pictures with our mascot and the like. In fact, it is very often that you will see someone wearing the mCloud T-shirt in Belgrade.

Back in February, we also had a nice initiative with PS Press, one of the most popular magazines and portals in Serbia for businesses and ICT professionals. For more than 20 years, they hold a yearly event that is called “Top 50 of Serbian Web.” This year, we were one of the sponsoring companies for this competition. Particularly, we sponsored the prize for the winner of the “Development of Web and IT Community” category. This year, the prize went to the WordPress Serbia community group.”

What are the plans of mCloud for the upcoming months?

Bosko Radivojevic: “We’ll take part in PHP Serbia and WordCamp events. Also, we will most likely have a conference in autumn – we are still not sure about the location, but it will be either Belgrade or Novi Sad.

From the marketing side, we’ve changed a lot of things – we have a new logo and design. I think the new appearance of mCloud is in line with our long-term vision, which is to go after the mass-market. We are planning to broaden our customer targets.

We are also thinking about how we can better lay out the marketing strategy that will include both mCloud and So far, all the events and communications are co-branded.

As soon as we are done with the migration of the infrastructure, we will introduce new services and carry on with a streamlined marketing strategy for maximum results.”