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Milan, 21 November 2019. Tophost, one of the leading web hosting providers in the Italian market, has undergone some fundamental changes during the last months. From having changed its CEO to switching the brand’s focus, this web hosting company is ready to introduce its new strategy to the public.

Thanks to the new interim CEO of Tophost, Antonio Baldassarra, we were able to get insights into what’s the company has been up to during the Q3 2019 and what its plans look like for the rest of the year.

How did the Tophost perform during Q3 2019?

Antonio Baldassarra: “It just has been a month since I took over as the new CEO of Tophost. Tophost is a really unique business and it has a distinctive market identity. These data have been collected by me so far, while the business is still experiencing the effects of the past CEO’s work.

The third quarter of 2019 shown an interesting recovery in sales figures that increases around 9% compared with Q3 2018; the renewal rate remained very good, over 80%. I believe that is a very good performance considering the “commoditization” perception of some baseline services like, for example, domain registration. The overall customer number increased in the last quarter and is a good signal.”

Earlier in Q2, I recall, you changed your price plan. How did it affect the growth of the company?

Antonio Baldassarra: “Price change was the first step of a more complex process that will be executed in the next quarters with the goal of repositioning the brand of Tophos’t products from the “inexpensive hosting services” to the new “most convenient high performance hosting services”. In fact, we have changed not only the price of the plans but also technical characteristics, thus improving them a lot in terms of performances and compatibility with new and more demanding applications like WordPress and similar.

These days we are working on a release of the new high-performance hosting plan specifically built for e-commerce applications like Prestashop. Customers are understanding this and we observe both a good renewal rate (not impacted by the new price) and a “not so relevant” decrease in new customers. We plan to recover with a more aggressive marketing campaign that we are starting in these days.”

How are your customers finding the recently launched Autofix product?

Antonio Baldassarra: “Until now we haven’t started a specific communication activity on this and we have achieved only a few hundreds of activations, but customers appear satisfied from the services and they appreciate this kind of “non-core” services.”

Back in Q2, Tophost’s growth in terms of new customers was a bit slower than usual. How did Q3 go in terms of attracting new customers?

Antonio Baldassarra: “In Q3 we did not see a good performance in terms of new customers, but we need to take care of some obvious side effects of the price increase. We are working on various solutions from which we expect positive results to start from Q1 2020.”

What are the plans of Tophost for the near future?

Antonio Baldassarra: “Our road map plan is to reposition the Tophost brand on a more valuable market segment, for those who are not only interested in domain registrations and bargain hosting, but also in performance application hosting for publishing and e-commerce. The new hosting plan will be launched exactly in this direction.

Moreover, we have a very challenging marketing plan in order to renew the brand on the market and the creation of a more efficient indirect market channel. In the next quarters, we expect to raise the effects of these activities in terms of new customers and more new purchases from loyal customers.”