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Milan, 21 November 2019. The new CEO of DHH Croatia, Veljko Drakulić, has taken over the steering wheel of the company not so long time ago. In spite of this, he already managed to push forward some product-driven initiatives.

In today’s interview, Veljko told us about the key driving factors behind DHH Croatia’s growth and the plans of the company for the near future.

Please tell me how Q3 of 2019 went for DHH Croatia?

Veljko Drakulić: “In terms of business results, DHH Croatia achieved small growth in total bookings comparing to the same period last year. At the same time, we managed to keep costs beyond our business plan.

In terms of business operations, since the 1st of August, I’ve taken over as a new CEO of DHH Croatia and we started implementing new operational processes that will have a stronger focus on the sales.”

You joined DHH Croatia as a new CEO in Q3. In your opinion, what are the top factors that are important for the company’s growth at the moment?

Veljko Drakulić: “Like in every business, there are many factors that are essential for the company’s growth.

In DHH Croatia – there are three main factors: the first is improving customer satisfaction level by optimizing our internal procedures; the second is a stronger focus on developing new products, which meets market’s needs and the third one is a new and refreshed product line, which will be better optimized for the market profile.”

During the last quarter, plans of DHH Croatia included identifying market needs and introducing the services and products. Did you start work in these directions?

Veljko Drakulić: “Yes, this was one of my first goals, as I come from the business information industry, I have a lot of experience in analyzing financial and non-financial company data as well as macroeconomic and industry indicators. We are closely monitoring industry trends and tailoring our products to be aligned with the trend.

As a part of the plan for the upcoming months, we plan to introduce new products in the upcoming months.”

What are the plans of DHH Croatia for the upcoming months?

Veljko Drakulić: “For sure, we will launch a new product line such as managed WP hosting, and we will introduce new share hosting packages and new affordable VPS Cloud packages.

Also, we will merge our HostingIT brand with similar brand Studio4web, because packages and level of service are pretty much the same, and we want to optimize our support platforms. These are our primary goals for the upcoming months. Besides that, we, of course, have other goals which we tend to achieve. Great times are in front of us.”