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Milan, 21 November 2019. Vacation season is over and everyone is back to work – it is the high time for global businesses to wrap up all the pending projects for 2019 and prepare for the new year. The third quarter of the year in the business world usually equals a slower pace of work due to the holiday season – and it was similar for Artera.

We’ve spoken to the CEO of Artera, Sergio Ravera about the company’s performance during the last three months, their upcoming project and current efforts.

Please tell me about Artera’s performance during the Q3 2019?

Sergio Ravera: “During the third quarter of 2019, we’ve been carrying on with the standard activities. If we talk about numbers in the sense of revenue, they remain at the same level. Usually, Q3 is not the best quarter considering the vacation period. Not only our employees go on holiday, but also clients take their vacations, so the provision of the services gets a bit slow.

Overall, Artera’s performance in Q3 was good and in line with my expectations. The period is relatively calm and we have taken advantage of the moment to recover our strength.”

Earlier this summer, you told me that Artera was rolling out the system for providing advice to the customers. Which results have you seen from this initiative?

Sergio Ravera: “From this point of view, we have not seen much results yet, as it is a complex process that requires time and perseverance. For now, I could only verify that the message had arrived. To be able to see the results, we need to start the new contract with a new reseller, and then they need to test the service, and so they wait for the customers to start the new contract. This process is kind of time-consuming, so I believe we will need to be patient.”

You’ve also worked a lot on services for resellers – improving their user experience throughout the website. Did you receive any feedback concerning these advancements?

Sergio Ravera: “Feedback in regards to this progress is always very positive. The attention we have always paid to improve these aspects is maximum and it is widely rewarded by the enthusiasm of our resellers. We implemented a lot of changes based on our customers’ feedback and they appreciated that.”

Could you please update me in regards to the project related to highlighting of Artera’s Swiss nationality? In Q2, you mentioned you were figuring out the best way to do it.

Sergio Ravera: “Everything is going well, and while we talk, the technicians are publishing the new graphics on our site. Probably during the next interview, I will be able to give you a better idea of how this process is going.

That being said, the new graphics will be published soon. Aside from these graphics, we are doing other work – we changed our offline communication graphics, and we started to promote our brand specifically in Switzerland and in Northern Italy.

Now, one of our technicians is facing some issues with the new part of the website, but I think we will publish the new version of the website quite soon.”

Last time we spoke, you told me that there was a privacy concern related to the new affiliate program Artera is looking into. Has this been resolved during the Q3?

Sergio Ravera: “We have not yet communicated anything official, but simply made tests with a group of freelancers. The new program is really powerful, in addition to guaranteeing excellent earnings to those who report a customer, it is a real economic advantage for the customer. It is the classic win-win development that has been possible thanks to the renewed premium policy.

From the content point of view, the program is also very good. However, when it comes to the implementation of the program, we’ve had many issues that needed to be solved. In addition to that, we needed to test this program, to calculate the commission, and to set up a clear contract for the new affiliate.

For the next step, we are eyeing December – we will set up the marketing budget for January. We are planning to carry out a marketing campaign to push forward our new affiliate program.”

I recall you mentioned that you wanted to roll out the special cache solution for a database and a solution for archiving the emails in the Q4 2019. Is Artera on track to meet these plans?

Sergio Ravera: “Yes, we are working a lot on the project. The purpose is to include the new service for all MailArt customers, which is our premium mail server service. Together with the cockpit cloud control panel, this product will complete our offer which is already unique on the market.

In fact, we have three main projects in works right now. One of them is the mail archiving system that we want to add to our mail server product. The other product is a cloud product panel, which I mentioned just now, and it is already available to our customers. It is very innovative and does not have much competition in the market.

The third product is the cache of the database on the shared hosting – with this product, we are still on hold because we know that the technology will change in a few months. At the moment, we cannot standardize this product for all customers and we have to provide this solution in a customized way.”

What are the plans of Artera for the upcoming months?

Sergio Ravera: “Undoubtedly, the next quarter will be dedicated to summing up, that is, to finalize the enormous work done during 2019. Artera has returned to producing services with great added value with cutting-edge methods.

We want to start the new year with a great foundation laid out. So, during the last months of 2019, we will also be working on a number of internal processes that will help us get a quick start in 2020.”