Our solutions

Through the Group companies, we are able to offer a wide range of IT services, from web hosting to Colocation, from Cloud Computing to Direct Internet Access.

— Web and email hosting

We provide simple and affordable hosting solutions for small and large businesses. Our web hosting packages allow you to deploy WordPress and other CMSes in seconds or use your favorite programming technologies for your websites and applications.

Our professional email services are designed to satisfy the needs of security and privacy of companies and professionals and are always provided with powerful antispam and antivirus protection.

We manage migration for the customers and also register and maintain Internet Domains.

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— Cloud Computing

We deliver Cloud Computing solutions providing all the infrastructure needed to run large scale web and to store or backup data efficiently.

In DHH, we provide IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services avoiding organizations to invest in on-premise infrastructures.
Compliant with the best standards of security and management, DHH cloud infrastructures also support companies that need to solve complex problems or increase the calculation performance in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning (HPC or High-performance computing).

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— Data Centers and Global Infrastructures

The presence in the Group of companies provided with their own Data Centers, enables us to provide facilities that meet every customer’s needs, always guaranteeing fast and high-quality connection to the rest of the world.
All under 24/7 security and video surveillance and powered by renewable energies, our Data centers offer the opportunity to colocate your servers, choosing among several solutions (Cage, Rack, Shelf) and take advantage of our efficient and safe connectivity services.

All the DHH Group DCs are equipped with the best certifications and standards (ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 14001, ISO 20000, ISO 9001, DNSH compliance).

— Internet Access

Mobile technology, big data, and cloud computing today require higher and higher capacity connections and flexible bandwidth.

With our companies specialized in the field of connectivity, we provide cost-effective and scalable network services, DIA, VOIP, and L2 Ethernet link for satisfying our customer’s communication requirements.

High speed, convenient cost, low latency, and high-quality connectivity between sites and Data Centers are the features of our offer that take advantage of our direct connection in more than 10 Internet Exchange Points.

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