Our Investment Strategy


We invest in Consolidation, Expansion and Innovation accordingly to the following strategy. We are also experts in business pivoting and turnarounds.

New Markets
Increasing Market Share
Expansion of the product lines/Entering new geographies
Investing in Innovation
Web Hosting
Product Lines: Cloud Computing and SaaS Geographical Expansion: Web Hosting, Cloud and SaaS
Cloud Computing and SaaS
Italy, Italian Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia (markets with current presence)
Stage of Development
Companies with an existing customer base and distribution network
Cash generating companies, Turnaround candidates
Proven traction
Acquisition Strategy
Asset acquisition only without retaining the management
Acquiring the entire company and retaining the founder(s) through an equity stake in the original company or combined entity
Initial minority stake combined with contingent call options
Size of the Target
Small to Mid size
Over €1M turnover
Level of Risk
Very Low
Low to Medium
Medium to High

Our Research

How a tech company in trouble can resurrect itself? Discover more in our ebook about “the perfect pivoting”.

Since we created our group we made several international deals, from investments in startups to acquisitions of more mature businesses. In this learning experience, for the good or the bad, we became a specialist in tech turnarounds – one of the few companies having this expertise in our region.

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