Our Group

Dominion hosting holding

DHH Group

Established in July 2015, DHH aims to be a reference point in the Web Hosting, SaaS and Cloud Computing industries in the European emerging digital economies in which the Internet penetration is still in a “beginner” phase, such as Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece and the central-eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary).

We are operating a market conglomeration, on the belief that these “unusual geographies” have a great growth potential.

The opportunity

The emerging digital markets of Europe are one step behind with regard to internet use and the integration of digital technology.

Dominion Hosting Holding, taking a leadership position in these markets, would like to take advantage of the natural growth trend already in place in order to fill the gap with more mature geographies.

The global challenge

The emerging digital markets of Europe can also be seen as experimental markets to test and to successfully launch global digital businesses, thanks to the amount of talent present in these geographies and to labour costs, which are very competitive with respect to the US market.

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