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Italian subsidiary providing entry level solutions to more than 46,000 customers, still keeping the status of the lowest-cost web hosting provider in Italy. Slight decrease in Gross Sales in 1H19 (-2% YoY), mainly due to a small shift in the renewal process across 1Q partially offset by a slight price increase and the launch of innovative products in 2Q

Web hosting service


Domain registration service


DHH Slovenia

It is the leading provider in Slovenia (i.e. the largest registrar of .eu and .si domains) managing two brands, Domenca and Domovanje, a domain registration provider and a web hosting service respectively. Double-digit growth in Gross Sales in 1H19 (+16% YoY), resulting from a dynamic marketing activity and launch of high-end products such as the managed WordPress hosting and the hybrid hosting, a mix between shared hosting and VPS servers

Web hosting service


Web hosting service


Affordable Hosting Service


DHH Croatia

Along with its subsidiaries it is the largest hosting provider in Croatia, with 25% of market share, and total number of customers more than doubled since the IPO, establishing at ca. 20,000. The three proprietary brands (Plus hosting, Studio4web, Infonet) provide a broad array of services, from low-cost hosting solutions to managed hosting services addressed to high end customers. Gross Sales was flat YoY in 1H19, not considering Sysbee, the internal start-up resulting from the spin-off occurred as of May 2018

Managed Hosting Provider



Recently established Croatian vehicle focused on managed hosting, resulting from the above mentioned spin-off, it counts ca. 30 active clients and is steadily growing, recording a sound increase in Gross Sales in 1H19 (+57% YoY)

Premium Hosting Service


DHH Switzerland

Owner of the brand Artera, it provides high-end services, mainly addressed to customers requiring high reliability and technologically advanced web hosting services. It has generated gross Sales for ca. €0.13mn in 1H19, recording a +16% YoY growth, as result of the positive trend of new registered users and the increasing focus towards services dedicated to resellers and agencies

DHH Italia

The Italian reseller of Swiss premium brand Artera, ca. 2,000 clients and Gross Sales at ca. €0.3mn in 1H19

Cloud Computing Provider


Web Hosting Service



It manages two brands, Plus hosting and mCloud, previously under two different legal entities (DHH Serbia no leger exists as of April 24th ). The two brands target different customers in order to meet different needs, i.e. the Revenue-per-user (RPU) of mCloud is on average seven times higher than the RPU recorded by plu.rs

Cumulated Gross Sales stands at ca. €0.3mn. mCloud the newly acquired company involved in the cloud computing field, delivers its products to 1,800 clients and has recorded a strong increase in Gross Sales, standing at ca. €0.2mn in 1H19