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Tophost was founded in 2004 with the clear goal of becoming the first Italian player in the field of cheap web hosting services. Only a few months later, the company became a leader in providing shared platforms and services at a very affordable cost thanks to a highly competitive offer, that proposed complete and innovative solutions at the expense of other competitors. Tophost established itself very quickly not only for its convenience but also for the advanced purchasing system, its technical infrastructure and the fully-automated activation system. So Tophost became the first hosting provider in the low-cost field and the third-ranked player for the number of domains registered in Italy.

Web Hosting Service


Domovanje.com started as a side project of the web agency Klaro, but its potential was quickly recognized and it became an independent company in 2005. Right from the start, the focus was on providing first-class customer support. Its customer base swelled over the years and in 2012 the company was among the three largest providers in Slovenia. The constant focus on automation and standardization of business practices enabled the company to be in great shape to successfully manage the acquisition of the larger competitor Domenca.com. Today, the company is the largest Slovenian web hosting provider and it is still increasing its market share.

Domain Registration Service


Domenca.com was the first company to offer domain name registration to Slovenian customers in their own languages. From its humble beginnings in 1999, the company grew together with the market and become the leading domain registration provider in the country. It is the only company in Slovenia that offers all ccTLDs registration. The company also offers domain portfolio management services to some of the largest Slovenian companies.

Affordable Hosting Service


Studio4Web was founded in 2006 with the intention to offer to the Croatian customers affordable web hosting with quality support. The brand is now clear leader in the low cost hosting category in Croatia. Studio4Web is also the fourth largest hosting brand in the Croatia by the number of clients and hosted domains.

Premium Hosting Service


Artera is an Italian/Swiss brand that produces premium hosting and cloud services designed to meet the needs of companies and web professionals, major portals and e-commerce projects. Artera’s mission is to have the best performance ever. The experience gained with the management of projects with very popular CMS and framework allows us to offer, thanks to our specialists, a level of application support that can be integrated with the hosting offer. Experienced system engineers work as part of a team with programmers specializing in the final hardening of your application. There is only one level of service for all customers: the best.

Web Hosting Service


Plus hosting was founded in 2001. Through organic growth and a couple of small acquisitions it quickly became the largest hosting provider in Croatia with more than a 20% market share at twice the size if its nearest competitor. The company is renowned for its technical expertise and the high quality of its customer support. This reputation itself is generating demand for its system administration services, so the company has extensive experience hosting some of the largest websites in the region. The company also entered the Serbian market in 2010 and is already among the top 10 registrars for .rs ccTLD.

Web Hosting Service


Infonet was officially founded in 2010 when it outgrew a personal project started in 2008. In 2010 it also acquired HrHosting, hosting provider founded in 2005. It grew organically to the status of one of the leading Croatian providers by revenues and number of hosted domains.
Hosting IT is a new hosting provider in the Croatian market which was founded in 2015 with the goal to offer quality hosting at really affordable prices. The founders have more than 10 years of experience in hosting industry.



In 2018 a group of system engineers and infrastructure architects with over 15 years of experience in the field of cloud and web services hosting founded Sysbee as a new brand in DHH group built within Plus Hosting core.
Sysbee’s mission is to bring DevOps culture to small and medium-sized enterprises, empowering them to focus on their core business instead of IT business continuity.

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