— A dynamic network of 10 businesses across 7 countries

For over eight years, we’ve cultivated a collaborative ecosystem where entrepreneurship is nurtured and innovation thrives. Our brands benefit from our support and market-leading expertise while remaining autonomous and independent businesses.

Today, the DHH Group empowers approximately 124.000 clients across Southeast Europe and is listed on the Italian stock exchange. We’re a family of tech pioneers and innovators, perpetually striving to push the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry.

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— Why Partner with DHH?

Stronger Market Position

Recognize your local market’s potential but lack the resources to seize it?

DHH is here to bridge that gap with the means and industry know-how to make your vision a reality.

Your Identity Matters

When you join DHH, you’re not just another cog in the machine.

Every company within our fold maintains its leadership, autonomy, branding, and market positioning.

Scale Faster

Scaling up is a common challenge for many local businesses. With DHH, you’ll find a network of professionals ready to share their experiences and insights. Together, we can take your brand to the next level.

Monetize and Profit

Get better access to capital resources and tap into market knowledge and industry-specific expertise that helps you elevate your business and reap substantial rewards.

Leverage Our Experience

We provide strategic guidance in areas like corporate governance, business planning, mergers and acquisitions, compliance, strategic sourcing, and executive search. 

Join Something Special

We’ve cultivated an environment where businesses exchange knowledge and create synergies from the ground up. With DHH, you’re not just growing your business — you’re expanding your horizons.

— Case studies

From Directionless to a Growth Powerhouse

When Tophost joined us, they lacked both a CEO and a clear development direction. Their offerings were outdated, and their customer base was shrinking.

With guidance from DHH, they revamped their marketing and product strategies with a renewed focus on comprehensive, cost-effective solutions. 

The results? A leap from €1.2m in sales to €1.6m, double-digit growth, solid margins, and a healthy cash flow.

Streamlining Leadership & Amplifying Market Presence

At Plus Hosting, we helped the co-founders actualize their personal goals, with one exiting and the other staying on board. DHH backed the CEO in repositioning the company and even spun off the most innovative part of the business into a standalone entity. We also provided capital and support to consolidate the acquisitions of three competitors. 

Today, Plus Hosting is the leading player in the Croatian cloud-hosting market, boasting a turnover of €2.3m and robust margins.

Small Business Turned Market Mover

We acquired Klaro, a €1m business, from owners who took on new roles at DHH. We bolstered the CEO by introducing planning and control practices, as well as product development processes. DHH also provided support during the acquisition of a close competitor. 

Klaro is now a fast-growing company, launching several new products on the market and generating over €2m in revenues.

From Near Bankruptcy to Profitable Cloud Computing Leader

Artera was spread too thin, involved in multiple lines of business, and facing a €200k loss that pushed them to the brink of bankruptcy. But DHH saw their potential, taking steps to turn their operations around. We aided the founder in restructuring and redesigning the organization and introducing business planning and control practices. 

Today, Artera is a thriving cloud computing company targeting Italian Swiss customers. They now enjoy growth and a positive cash flow.

— Why Partnering With DHH Is The Best Option For Growing Tech Companies

PE/VC fund
Overseas strategic buyer
Fair and well-considered valuation
Valuation on the lower end in case of PE, high valuation of best players by VC
Fair valuation
Terms for the founders
Full or partial cash-out
Full or partial cash-out for a majority in case of PE. Minority stake and no cash to founders in VC
Usually majority stake with full or partial cash-out
Industry know-how
Industry expertise from 7 similar size companies
Most often little or no industry expertise
Extensive industry expertise, but often from the perspective of large companies
Market experience
Proven experience in growing companies in the local market
Good market knowledge in case of local funds
Usually no or little experience in the local market
Growth opportunities
Capital and know-how to support long-term healthy growth, no exit in mind
Large pressure on growth (VC) or cash generation (PE) with an exit strategy in mind
High growth potential as a part of a corporate structure
Brand identity
Keep brand, culture, and company position in the market untouched
Usually keep brand, may however intervene in culture
The brand is often dissolved as the business is fully integrated

— Are you interested in joining the DHH Group?

Our preference is companies with small, motivated teams that perform well in their local market.

If that’s you, contact us today to arrange a meeting.