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DHH is a sponsor of the first ANIX Meeting

Milan, 23 April 2021. DHH S.p.A. (“DHH”) (DHH.MI | WDHH21.MI) (ISIN shares IT0005203622 | ISIN warrants IT0005203689), the cloud computing provider of Southeast Europe, is one of the sponsors of the first ANIX Meeting to be held in virtual mode on 27 April 2021, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm CEST.

ANIX (Albanian Neutral Internet eXchange) is the first and only neutral and not-for-profit Internet Exchange Point in Albania. ANIX is hosted at RASH, the Academic Network of Albania, in its carrier-grade data center in the heart of Tirana. National and foreign ISPs come to ANIX to interconnect their networks, improving their speed, bandwidth and the security of their data.

The meeting is powered by Namex (Nautilus Mediterranean Exchange), a neutral, non-profit, member based Internet Exchange Point located in Rome, Italy. Its mission, for over 25 years, is to provide network interconnection services to members, ranging from physical L1 interconnection to public and private IP peering. As such, Namex works as a crucial node in the overall Internet infrastructure of Italy. Among Namex members are major national and international Network Carriers and Internet Service Providers, aggregated traffic for public peering established through the exchange reaches 12 Gbps.

Matija Jekovec (COO) will give a talk on the importance of local presence in small markets of the Balkans.
For registration and additional details, please visit: link