DHH entrepreneurship platform for developers

From side project to real business


DHH entrepreneurship platform aims to support developers to transform their side project into a real business.

Our proposal

We will work together with you for 3 months to develop a fully functioning product to be launched on the market.

What we will give you

We will provide you with a dedicated team made up by:
– a designer;
– a growth hacker;
– a business strategist.

They will: design the brand identity (e.g. logo), the website and the communication materials; define the UX and the graphic layout of the product; define the business model; prepare the launch plan.

We will give you all the necessary infrastructure and we will invest a marketing budget of 10.000$ to get the very first clients on board.

Furthermore, we will manage everything related to tax, legal, finance and administration.


At the end of the 3 months period, we could fail or succeed in launching the product on the market.


If we fail, you keep the code and you are free to use it as you prefer, while we keep the domain and the website.


If we succeed, we go on together investing all the money generated through the sales in the growth of the project until we understand if there is enough traction to start a company. In case there is traction, we found a company.

Founding a company together

In case we found a company together, we will incorporate it in Switzerland and we will act as co-founders.

You will own 60% and control the company, while we will own 40% and act as a minority shareholder.

In terms of roles, you will be focused on product and technology, while we will be focused on business, finance, and administration.


We expect to create value together and to build a sustainable and healthy business with at least 1M EUR in revenue in 3 years since the foundations.

Our long term goal

Our primary goal is to grow the business as much as possible, building a relevant, healthy, sustainable company on the global market in its own segment.

We don’t plan an exit, although we evaluate all the options.

How the cooperation works

In the first 3 months, the cooperation will be 100% remote.

If we succeed in launching the product and ultimately found a company together, the cooperation will be always remote, but we will schedule also some periodical in person meeting.

The ideal candidate

This program is designed for developers having a full-time job and some flexibility to work on the project during their evenings and weekends.

It is open to all developers, no matter what their specialization is.

We are looking for ideas in all field of web hosting and cloud computing at large.

Who We Are

We are DHH, a team of tech entrepreneurs.

Active since the ’90s, we bootstrapped several multi-million dollar companies across Europe and the US, all in the software and internet industry.

We made 3 IPOs and raised more than 20M$ to support our ventures.

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