Case Study

M & A

At the beginning of 2016, when DHH took over the active management of Tophost, all relevant KPIs were negative, since customer base was recording negative growth rates and average customer acquisition costs (CAC) were disproportionate if compared to lifetime value (LTV) provided on average by customers.

Many adjustments have been implemented, aiming at enhancing Customer acquisition / retention and profitability margins and leading to an improvement in bookings as well an overall enhancement in the average lifetime value.

Implementing managerial capabilities in revamping and optimize acquired assets from a financial and technological point of view, as made with Tophost: adapting a range of operational & strategic measures to transform the organization.

Open Innovation

Adopting an-open innovation approach to finalize corporate venture capital deals.

Seeweb invested as “angel” around €150K back in 2006 in Docebo, with a profitable exit in 2015. Nowadays, Docebo is a well-known e-learning platform, listed on Toronto Stock Exchange worth 746M EUR / July 10, 2020.