Milan, 28 May 2019. DHH S.p.A. (“DHH”) (DHH.MI | WDHH21.MI) (ISIN shares IT0005203622 | ISIN warrants IT0005203689), a tech company whose mission is to create the “Internet Platform of the Emerging markets of Europe,” shares a set of interviews related to the quarterly performance of different companies in the group.

Simone Righini on Tophost performance Q1 2019: “Our customer acquisition number is 6% up in comparison to the last year.”

The first quarter of 2019 has come to an end and we already entered the Q2 of 2019. This implies that global businesses are refining and polishing their marketing, sales, and development strategies to maximize the efforts and achieve the best possible results.

Tophost is not an exclusion. According to Simone Righini, the manager of Tophost, the company has a lot planned for the upcoming months. Let’s dive into the details.

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Zvonimir Gembec on Sysbee performance Q1 2019: “We started to get recognized as a brand.”

Managing a start-up is not an easy job, especially these days, when the competition is extremely high and the market is saturated. Managing a start-up in a web hosting market is on another level of hard – you have to follow the latest trends and closely listen to the market’s demands to stay afloat.

Sysbee, one of the Croatian start-up companies, manages to not only keep up with the competition but to push forward some great innovative ideas. We talked to Zvonimir Gembec, the CEO of Sysbee. He told us about the performance of Sysbee in the past months as well as he shared some of the details regarding their planned projects.

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Tomaž Koštial on DHH Slovenia performance Q1 2019: “We did a really good job sales-wise and the growth is pretty good.”

Web hosting sector is one of the most rapidly growing markets in the world. In fact, according to Market Research Future (MRFR), “the global web hosting service market is expected to grow at 15.9% CAGR between 2018 and 2023, and hit USD 76.2 billion valuation by 2023.”

One of the web hosting market players, DHH Slovenia with its brands Domenca and Domovanje, are working hard to meet the industry’s standards. In fact, in order to keep up with the trends in web hosting market, DHH Slovenia has its eyes on the pulse of the sector.

Tomaž Koštial, DHH Slovenia’s manager, told us about how his company deals with day-to-day operations. He told us about DHH Slovenia’s Q1 2019 results and shared some of the plans they have for the upcoming months.

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Bosko Radivojevic on mCloud performance Q1 2019: “We are meeting the bookings target”

Last year, mCloud appeared as the latest addition to the DHH family. Today, mCloud successfully merged with, another Serbian brand present under the DHH wing. How did the companies do during the first quarter and what to expect from mCloud in the upcoming months?

That’s exactly the questions we asked Bosko Radivojevic, the CEO of mCloud.

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Saša Zgrabljić on DHH Croatia performance Q1 2019: “The quality review of customer interactions is an important step for future growth.”

Spring 2019 comes to an end and the summer is ready to take over. In the meantime, businesses all over the world are analyzing their Q1 2019 results and laying out strategies for the upcoming months.

On this note, we talked with Saša Zgrabljić, the manager of DHH Croatia. She told us about the challenges the company faced in Q1 and which lessons were learned in the process. Saša also shared some details of the current projects and gave us a sneak peek into what DHH Croatia plans for the Q2 2019.

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Sergio Ravera on Artera Q1 2019 performance: “Thanks to the new pricing structure, we were able to see a 18% growth”

The fresh start of the 2019 year was challenging for a lot of companies in the web hosting space, considering the growing competition and new privacy regulations. Nevertheless, the new year brings along the new developments, ideas, and clients for the majority of hard-working businesses.

We talked with Sergio Ravera, the CEO of the Artera. He told us about the challenges the company faces and how the company handles these matters. Mr. Ravera also shared some insights into the internal processes of the company and how it affects their customers.

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