Milan, 21 February 2019. mCloud is the youngest member of the DHH International family – the company joined the group back in October 2018. Now, as we entered the new year, Bosko Radivojevic, the CEO of mCloud, has a lot to share.

We talked with Bosko about mCloud’s previous quarter results, some current projects and, of course, some of the upcoming initiatives that are planned for 2019.

I know mCloud joined the DHH family in the middle of October. That time, you told me that you were working on some new product related to cloud hosting. Are there any updates in terms of this project?

Bosko Radivojevic: “Yes, it’s actually ready for launch, but we still have a lot of work to be done in regards to merging between the teams in Novi Sad and Belgrade. We are now waiting for the right moment to launch it in regards to our internal resources and capacity to handle new customers – once we will be ready, we will launch the advanced hosting project.”

How did the Q4 of 2018 go for mCloud?

Bosko Radivojevic: “From the financial point of view, results exceeded our expectations. We achieved 5% more in terms of growth, so I am pretty proud of it. Because we were separating from our previous company and merging with DHH, I believe we did very well.

In the Q42018, we also worked a lot on the integration part, and we are now trying to merge billing and information system between and mCloud. So, this is one of the biggest projects right now as well. The completion of this project will enable us to benefit from cross-selling and up-selling between the different customer bases. These two customer bases are quite diverse and they do not overlap.

Once we finish the work on this project, we will be able to see all the customers on one single system, which will allow us to understand their needs better. We will also be able to offer them tailored products and services.”

During our previous conversation, you’ve mentioned plans to expand mCloud’s portfolio with some advanced shared hosting packages. Please tell me if your team has outlined some initiatives to bring this idea to life?

Bosko Radivojevic: “From the technical point of view, this is ready, as I mentioned before. It is a shared hosting package, but it is more advanced in terms of resources. It is a kind of product that lies between a virtual product server and a shared hosting.

We are planning to have three different levels of packages. The first two would be implemented as a shared hosting with a strict resource separation, while the third would be a VPS, some kind of managed hosting. So, it will be some kind of mix of offering between Plus and mCloud, and it will serve as the first commercial implementation of the synergies that we are able to manage.

In the same package, we will use two different technologies. In fact, we developed this product on the foundation of our customers’ needs.”

Have you planned any cloud technology-related conferences for this year?

Bosko Radivojevic: “We will probably have two conferences. We just finished one event in Serbia that was organized by one of the oldest computer magazines called “Top 50 of Serbian Web.” We regularly take part in this event and we even were granted the right to decide on the most influential community group. So, this time we gave the prize to the WordPress community of Serbia, which actually made a lot of noise on the market.

We are planning to stay active in terms of building relationships in the community. We will be organizing more offline events in order to gain more online traction. As for the dates, we are probably going to have one conference in Belgrade this spring and another big one in Niš, and there will be another one medium size conference most likely in October in Banja Luka.”

What are the plans of mCloud for the upcoming months?

Bosko Radivojevic: “We will stick with working on advanced hosting for now, because of the product awareness matter, as this is requiring a lot of attention from our side and a lot of time needs to be devoted to that.

This kind of projects is not common in Serbia. So we will need to educate the market about it and we will need to find some new strategies in order to be able to communicate the benefits of this project to the public.”


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