Milan, 2 August 2018. The key mission of DHH Group reads: “Building the internet platform of the Emerging Markets of Europe.” On its way to realizing this ambitious idea, DHH has undergone a lot of changes. Since its establishment back in 2015, the company has been continuously working towards bringing the best possible services to the local markets.

Today, we had the chance to talk with the CEO of DHH, Uroš Čimžar. Mr. Čimžar has shared his outlook on how the DHH is going to develop further and what has been done so far in 2018. What can we expect from the DHH in the upcoming months?

How did the first half of 2018 go for DHH? Were there any impactful events taking place within DHH Group? 

Uroš Čimžar: “First quarter of 2018 was much more active in comparison to the second quarter. I’d say the second quarter was quite silent regarding acquisitions. However, we have been working on improving our corporations and setting up some of the foundations for the future growth.

Also, one of the key events that took place during the first half of 2018 was the consolidation of all our Croatian companies into one company – we managed to finalize all the mergers.

Another significant event was the spin out of Sysbee to a separate company. We have finalized our idea of a new internal startup that is now focused on managed infrastructure. I am pleased that we have accomplished these things during the first six months of 2018. I see the potential in Sysbee and also in our DHH Croatia – since now we have become stronger and more focused.”

What are the next steps for the DHH Group? Could you tell me about the key upcoming projects and maybe share some details about the planned products?

Uroš Čimžar: “As you know, one of the DHH’s missions is to bring the best of the tech world to the local markets. We do our best to make sure that our clients receive the best possible services and customer support. Therefore, our customers are loyal thanks to the excellent level of support that we can provide in local languages.

During the next quarter, we are planning to launch a new email marketing product line in Slovenia, which is another giant step towards implementing our vision.

Aside from this, we are planning to carry on and listen to our customers’ feedback and improve based on this. As we are aware now, many of our customers expect an expanded, or complete, service package, not just a web hosting service. We also see a need of having a WordPress-oriented service in our portfolio. Therefore, we are planning on developing these services within DHH, as well.

Moreover, during the next two quarters, we are considering the ways of advanced collaboration with local tech communities.

Another planned initiative is the investment in internal leadership. We have identified a lot of leadership potential inside DHH, and we want to support the next generation of leaders to ensure the stable future for the company.”

The long-term vision of DHH is “Building the internet platform of the Emerging Markets of Europe.” Could you tell me how are you planning to realize this strategy?

Uroš Čimžar: “We would like to develop a different kind of infrastructure aside from the current DHH’s ecosystem, I’d say, towards entrepreneurial focus, to better utilize the power of the Internet.

One approach would be to reach out to the local entrepreneurs and to help them with internationalization. We have extensive experience and a lot of knowledge within DHH, so we want to support local businesses to grow further.”

DHH was established in 2015. During these three years, the company has managed to reach amazing results. What were the key drivers behind DHH’s success?

Uroš Čimžar: “I can identify two of these drivers right away. One is that we are not afraid to set up ambitious goals for ourselves. Other driver and, probably, the key one, is the people inside DHH.

During these three years, we’ve got to know each other, and we work very well together. Even though we do not see each other in person as often, we still manage to work in sync and work very efficiently.

Another noteworthy fact here is that we choose our acquisitions very thoroughly. To get accepted into the DHH group, a company would need to undergo a thorough evaluation process. We have a special system for screening for acquisitions and then when we decide to investigate a potential company for these purposes. We are quite diligent.”


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