After the acquisition by DHH the Swiss-Italian business has shown a strong performance in the last quarter of the year

Milan, 28 February 2018. DHH S.p.A. (“DHH”) (DHH.MI | WDHH21.MI) (ISIN shares IT0005203622 | ISIN warrants IT0005203689), a tech company whose mission is to create the “Internet Platform of the Emerging markets of Europe”, announces that Artera, the brand distributed by DHH Italia and DHH Switzerland and acquired by DHH in 2017 (ref. PR 12 May 2017), recorded a +33% growth in gross sales in Q42017 vs Q32017, passing from EUR 240.571 to EUR 320.857.

When acquired by DHH Artera was a business in a turnaround situation.

Together with the founder and CEO of Artera, Sergio Ravera, who still owns 40% of DHH Switzerland and is involved as a partner in DHH, the DHH team worked to revamp the business, spinning out all the lines that were not hosting-related and not core for the companies behind Artera brand. The team focused on introducing new updated products (premium hosting and cloud managed hosting), new services (WordPress solutions and Magento solutions) and a revised organization, aimed at positioning Artera as an emerging player in the fully managed WordPress and Magento web hosting industry segment.

Since Artera has been acquired on 12 May 2017 there are not audited historical data about the past performances of the business in the other quarters before this date, but DHH doesn’t expect to keep the same pace of growth in the next quarters with Artera, considered that Q3 performances could be influenced by some seasonality trends in the business cycle that could have contributed to support the strong result of the last quarter 2017.

“These signals are positive and encouraging and I am happy of the work that has been done so far” says Uroš Čimžar, CEO of DHH, “but we are still in the middle of the pivoting process in Artera with the goal of completing the turnaround in 2018”.

Data are taken from the management accounts, unaudited.


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